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Paperkraft Premium Business Paper lets you exercise your power to "Go Green"

This is your chance to make peace with nature. From India's first and only company that's a member of WWF® - GFTN (Global Forest Trade Network), Paperkraft Premium Business Paper is a product of the country's greenest paper mill. Through large scale afforestation and water conservation, ITC contributes substantially to the environment. For instance in 2008, our aggregate plantation activity provided a reserve of 8 trees for every tree used, thus resulting in greening over 1 lakh hectares till date. Moreover, its Ozone treatment & ECF technology virtually eliminate toxicity in effluents released into the ecosystem. Now with Paperkraft Premium Business Paper, show your love for nature.

Paperkraft Premium Business Paper is an embodiment of ITC's sustainability efforts that have been endorsed by WWF® - GFTN.

The Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) is the World Wide Fund for Nature's (WWF®) initiative to eliminate illegal logging and improve management of valuable, threatened forests, while encouraging sustainable forest management practices. As a 'Participant' of the GFTN in India, ITC pledges to continue supporting responsible forest management and is committed to the highest level of environmentally responsible business practices.

As a valued patron, you could in turn make an environmental policy statement example, 'We preferentially purchase multi-purpose paper from sources that are credibly certified or making verifiable progress towards credible certification with the GFTN.' For more information log on to www.gftn.panda.org