ITC's commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace to all has been reaffirmed by the significant reduction in the number of accidents and several national and international awards and certifications received by various units. The Company's approach is to institutionalise safety as a value-led concept with focus on inculcating a sense of ownership at all levels and driving behavioural change leading to the creation of a safety culture.

In line with this approach, several behavioural based safety initiatives and custom-made risk based training programmes were rolled out at ITC's operating units, resulting in a noticeable improvement in safety performance. ITC incorporates established engineering standards in the design and project execution phase itself for all investments in the built environment, with a view to ensuring the highest levels of safety besides optimising costs. Environment, Health & Safety audits before commissioning and during the operation of units are carried out to verify compliance with standards. 2014-15 was a zero fatal accident year and there was also a 56% drop in Loss Time Accidents, over the previous year. These statistics cover all categories of employees working on-site at ITC premises, including employees of service providers.