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Policy on Human Rights Consideration of Stakeholders Beyond the Workplace



ITC provides products and services of superior quality and value by sourcing its technologies, equipment, inputs and finished goods from reputed international and Indian manufacturers and suppliers. ITC expects its business partners to establish a human rights compliant business environment at their workplace. ITC believes that its vendors and suppliers must establish processes for mapping/monitoring progress on human rights performance.


It is ITC's policy:

  1. To play a positive role in building awareness on human rights for its key stakeholders ;
  2. To encourage respect for human rights of the local communities with specific focus on vulnerable and marginalised groups ;
  3. To discourage human rights abuses by such parties ;
  4. To encourage establishment of a formal grievance redressal mechanism for the impacted stakeholders.


  1. This policy is communicated to all employees in an appropriate and meaningful manner.
  2. ITC Units have appropriate systems and processes in place to ensure compliance with the Policy and with statutory provisions, including processing of grievances for redressal. Divisional / SBU Chief Executives, through members of the respective Management Committees, will ensure implementation of this Policy.
  3. Compliance with the Policy will be regularly monitored and evaluated by the Sustainability Compliance Review Committee (SCRC) of the Corporate Management Committee (CMC). The report of the SCRC will be reviewed by the CMC every quarter. The CSR & Sustainability Committee of the Board will supervise the implementation of this Policy.
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