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Policy on Responsible Advocacy



ITC believes that it is necessary to represent to and engage with authorities on matters concerning the various sectors in which it operates. ITC's engagement with the relevant authorities is guided by the values of commitment, integrity, transparency and the need to balance interests of diverse stakeholders.


It is ITC's policy:

  1. To ensure that its advocacy position is consistent with its values and philosophy ;
  2. To work with industry organisations that are engaged in policy advocacy ;
  3. To ensure that policy advocacy is conducted ethically.


  1. This policy is communicated to all employees in an appropriate and meaningful manner.
  2. ITC Units have appropriate systems and processes in place to ensure compliance with the Policy and with statutory provisions, including processing of grievances for redressal. Divisional / SBU Chief Executives, through members of the respective Management Committees, will ensure implementation of this Policy.
  3. Compliance with the Policy will be regularly monitored and evaluated by the Sustainability Compliance Review Committee (SCRC) of the Corporate Management Committee (CMC). The report of the SCRC will be reviewed by the CMC every quarter. The CSR & Sustainability Committee of the Board will supervise the implementation of this Policy.
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