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Report and Accounts 2008   


Safety Matches

As part of its strategic initiative to create multiple drivers of growth in the FMCG sector, ITC commenced marketing safety matches sourced from the small-scale sector in 2002. This business leverages the core strengths of ITC in marketing and distribution, brand building, supply chain management and paperboard & packaging to offer high quality safety matches to Indian consumers.

The business has grown rapidly, establishing a strong consumer franchise through brands like iKno, Aim and Mangaldeep. The acquisition of Wimco by ITC subsidiary Russell Credit Limited in 2005 provided further fillip to the business through synergy benefits from a combined brand portfolio, a common trade marketing and distribution network, proximal manufacturing and enhanced asset utilisation. Today, the business is the market leader in the country with leading brands in virtually every market.

A large number of small scale units, from whom a substantial portion of the products are sourced, have also benefited from their association with ITC through continuous inputs on technology induction and manufacturing processes. As a result, their competitive capabilities have improved, providing them an opportunity for growth and employment generation.

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