S U B S I D I A R Y    C O M P A N I E S

Russell Credit Limited 2
Greenacre Holdings Limited 28
ITC Infotech India Limited 41
ITC Infotech Limited 64
ITC Infotech (USA), Inc. 78
  Pyxis Solutions, LLC. USA 84
Srinivasa Resorts Limited 87
Fortune Park Hotels Limited 104
Bay Islands Hotels Limited 118
WelcomHotels Lanka Pvt. Ltd. 128
Landbase India Limited 133
Technico Agri Sciences Limited 153
Technico Pty Limited 174
  Technico Technologies Inc. 183
  Technico Asia Holding Pty Limited 187
  Technico Horticultural (Kunming) Company Limited 192
Surya Nepal Private Limited 200
Gold Flake Corporation Limited 216
ITC Investments & Holdings Limited 228
  MRR Trading & Investment Company Limited 236
North East Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. 243
Wimco Limited 261
Prag Agro Farm Limited 280
Pavan Poplar Limited 290
King Maker Marketing, Inc. 302
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