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Digital transformation at ITC - For a Future Tech Organisation

ITC has accelerated digital adoption across every node of operation. From gathering insights, to sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and serving customers, the Company is leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies like AI/ML, Industry 4.0, Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Internet of Things to drive growth and innovation, boost competitiveness, optimize operations and costs, improve customer experience and enhance overall efficiencies.

This digital acceleration is helping ITC transform into agile, consumer-centric, and sustainable enterprise.

Digital adoption across nodes of operations

Smart Insights: ITC places consumers at the core of its digital initiatives. The company's marketing command centre, Sixth Sense, mines unstructured data to gain deep, valuable consumer insights and knowledge of market trends, understand emerging shifts in behaviour and preferences, deliver hyper-personalized recommendations and create contextual, immersive brand storytelling.

It helps the company assess competition, measure digital performance, and develop agile content assets leveraging generative AI-based tools.

Smart Supply Chain: Company-wide digital acceleration ensures that ITC's supply chains are agile, resilient and efficient. Recently, ITC implemented an integrated planning and supply chain tool, powered by AI/ML technology for inventory optimisation and productivity enhancement. This intervention is expected to enhance supply chain agility and efficiency and improve market servicing. An IoT based solution has also been implemented to monitor stock movements in real time, resulting in improved vehicle turnaround time and enhanced customer service through data analytics.

The ITC One collaborative platform enables the sharing of best practices, data analytics-driven cost optimization, and efficient supply chain management. It empowers the organization to identify opportunities for improvement and deliver superior results.

Project Zen focuses on end-to-end integration of the supply chain, implementing demand planning, inventory optimization, production sequencing, and sales and operation planning. It enables data-driven decision-making and ensures a streamlined and efficient supply chain.

Smart Agri Sourcing: ITC is developing NextGen agriculture value chains that are digitally enabled and climate smart to help strengthen its agri sourcing network, with customised supply chains for traceable and identity-preserved commodities.

ITCMAARS (Metamarket for Advanced Agriculture and Rural Services) a cutting-edge super-app, empowers farmers with hyperlocal crop advisories, quality inputs, market linkages, and allied services. It covers over 1105 FPOs across 9 states and facilitates precision farming through phygital tools like online soil testing and customized crop nutrition features. MAARS ensures the seamlessly delivery of hyperlocal, personalised solutions to the farming community, whilst creating new and scalable revenue streams and strengthening sourcing efficiencies.

Project Astra, an AI/ML and advanced analytics-based platform, supports smart buying decisions, price discovery, and operational efficiency in ITC's Agri Business.

Smart Manufacturing: ITC has adopted Industry 4.0 practices in its Paper & Paperboard business. Over 100 use cases have already been developed and implemented.

Also, through digital technologies such as Industrial IoT, integrated data infrastructure, AI/ML algorithms, computer vision-based solutions and IoT-based crop monitoring, it has achieved smart operations in its Paperboards and Specialty Papers Business.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has also been implemented extensively across ITC, streamlining processes, improving turnaround times, and ensuring accuracy and compliance. Over 830 BOTs are now deployed across various processes. Automation has eliminated repetitive manual activities, resulting in significant time savings, improved accuracy, and compliance.

Smart Distribution:

Unnati, a B2B app, has digitally empowered over 5,20,000 stores pan India, providing anytime ordering, customized recommendations, and hyper-local connections.

Through Project PACE, big data analytics and machine learning models provide outlet-level personalized recommendations, enhancing the frontline's decision-making capabilities. The initiative uses 8000+ data points to provide sharp targeted store level recommendations.

Additionally, tools like Trinetra - an AI-based digital image recognition tool - are helping automate quality checks of in-outlet displays.

Virtual salesman VIRU simplifies the ordering process, facilitating seamless transactions. These initiatives enhance the trade experience and strengthen partnerships with retailers.

Vistaar, a mobile app for the rural salesforce, drives execution excellence and engagement with the rural stockists' network. This digital empowerment enables us to connect with rural markets, leveraging technology to deliver value and drive growth.

Project Lighthouse focuses on developing advanced analytics capabilities for ITC's FMCG businesses. By optimizing marketing spends through media mix modelling and trade-based promotional spends, efficient resource allocation and enhanced operational efficiency are ensured.

Smart Consumers: ITC is devising ways to use digital tools to serve the new-age consumer better, with trusted ITC FMCG brands, including Aashirvaad, Classmate and Dermafique - catering to emerging needs effectively. ITC's Hotels Business has embraced digitization to enhance guest experience and engagement.

Aashirvaad Meri Chakki Classmateshop.com Dermafique Smart Skin Advisor ITC Hotels
Letting the consumer customise blends D2C platform for creative notebook personalisations Personalised skin health analysis Food delivery, loyalty benefits, reservations, exclusive offers and more


Smart Employee Experience: Recognizing the importance of fostering a 'digi-first' culture and empowering employees, the ITC Young Digital Innovators' Forum and the DigiNext Council play pivotal roles in driving digital transformation within ITC. The Young Digital Innovators' Forum comprises digital natives from across businesses, who crowdsource transformative digital strategies and explore opportunities across value chains. The DigiNext Council, consisting of senior ITC managers, ideates and sponsors high-impact digital interventions, fostering cross-fertilization of ideas.

Digital is a megatrend of the decade, and ITC will continue to invest in a smart connected eco-system to significantly sharpen competitive edge and pursue new opportunities.

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