Research And Development

Our deeply experienced team of experts bring to the table advanced research skills pertaining to efficient and effective food testing

New Method Development & Validation

  • Development and validation of analytical methods for chemical or biological analytes in food products
  • Establish accurate and consistent testing procedures that reliably measure required product parameters
  • Assess testing methods for specificity, accuracy, precision, detection limit, quantization limit etc.

Shelf Life Studies

  • Analysis of chemical changes, microbial growth and organoleptic properties of food products over time
  • Accelerated shelf life studies conducted at various temperature conditions (from -20 degrees to ambient)

Sensory Studies

  • Includes analysis of product colour, flavour, texture and odour
  • For product development, optimization, grading and comparison
  • Insights into customer sentiment analysis

Authenticity Studies

  • Identification of Unknowns – Genetic verification of the food product and ingredient claims
  • Identification of Origin – Establishing geographical source of the food product