Rapid Solutions

Quick And Scalable On-premise Testing

We offer a growing range of new-age rapid solutions, delivering substantial time and cost efficiencies

Our Expanding Range Of Rapid Solutions

1.Proximate Analysis
Parameters: Moisture, Ash, Acid Insoluble Ash, Crude Fiber, Fat, Energy, etc.
Products: Cereals and Pulses; Feed and feed products; Bakery and Bakery Products
2.Active Ingredient Analysis
Curcumin, Piperine, Capsaicin, Gingerol, Volatile Oil, Oil In Spices
Protein and Gluten In Wheat and Wheat Products
A1-A2 Protein In Milk
3.Food Safety
Mycotoxin Analysis
Pathogen (Salmonella & E. coli) Analysis
Tuberculosis And Brucella In Milk

A Collaborative Strategy To Nurture & Drive Innovation

ITC Analytical Services is continuously working to leverage and further build its intellectual capital through symbiotic collaborations with a network of industry stakeholders. We collaborate with technology start-ups, premier educational institutions along with industry bodies on resolving relevant food safety testing issues and challenges.

  • ITC is working with eminent technical institutes such as IIT Madras and IIT Gandhinagar to co create testing solutions for Food Safety testing parameters such as pathogens, antibiotics and Pesticide Residues.
  • ITC is partnering with a network of upcoming and mature start-ups for developing portable rapid testing solutions