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Vivel Launches Deo Spirit to turn the heat on!
10 May 2010

-A Soap that gives you the confidence to get fresh and get close-

ITC’s personal care brand Vivel launched a new variant of soap ‘Vivel Deo Spirit’, today. This new variant from Vivel promises freshness that gives consumers the confidence to get close!

Vivel Deo Spirit targeted at the young, modern, experimental, vivacious and trendy unisex youth in India, promises a new, exciting and fresh route to win hearts. Vivel Deo Spirit, encourages you to do the new and experience an invigorating freshness that makes you feel confident! The new variant made from exotic ingredients like Kiwi Fruit, known to condition the skin and Eucalyptus Oil with anti-bacterial properties, ensures a long lasting fragrance that refreshes the skin and leaves you rejuvenated for hours after every wash.

The new variant at an introductory price of Rs.15/- for a 100gm pack is available in retail outlets across Delhi, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and will soon be available in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Vivel Deo Spirit further expands the Vivel Soaps’ portfolio. Each soap variant gives a specific skin benefit and offers a unique value proposition of bringing together ingredients that provide total care through nourishment, protection and moisturisation. Vivel soaps comprises a basket of variants which include Vivel Young Glow, enriched with Vitamin E and Fruit Infusions for youthful glowing skin; Vivel Satin Soft, enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for beautifully soft skin; Vivel Sandal Sparkle, enriched with Sandalwood Oil and Active Clay for clear skin; Vivel Silk Spring, enriched with Green Apple extracts and Olive oil, for smooth skin; Vivel Milk Cream and Glycerine for irresistibly soft and smooth skin and Vivel Ayurveda Essence, enriched with 20 Ayurvedic Ingredients to help protect skin from germs and harsh environment, to keep it healthy and beautiful.

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