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Fiama Di Wills presents 'Exotica' with Ranna Gill
09 Oct 2012

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week October edition presenting Spring / Summer 2013

Fiama Di Wills is an embodiment of innovation and style. Each product range has been crafted exclusively with a touch of inspiration and originality. Its constant endeavor to seamlessly weave into its fabric, passion and novelty makes Fiama Di Wills a brand that constantly delights consumers with its varied products for youthful skin and hair. Fiama Di Wills brings out its passion and its concept of continuous innovation, through 'Exotica' with designer Ranna Gill at the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

Fiama Di Wills brings forward a range of personal care products with extracts of exotic natural ingredients. Bearberry leaves, Blackcurrant, Sea weed, Lemongrass, Peach, Avocado Macademia Nut Oil, Almond Nut Oil and Brazil Nut Oil come together to form a perfect blend. 'Exotica' represents the myriad exotic natural ingredients that are combined with advanced scientific technology to give consumers the most gorgeous and expert-led range of products.

Nilanjan Mukherjee, Head of Marketing, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited says, "In our long relationship with Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, we have continuously endeavored to innovate, inspire and stimulate with Fiama Di Wills. 'Exotica' germinates from the exotic ingredients and its extracts used by Fiama Di Wills to create differentiated and innovative products for our consumers. We are happy to associate with Ranna Gill, whose work radiates sheer originality and presents an interesting adaptation of exotica."

This season will see Ranna Gill join Fiama Di Wills in bringing this 'Exotica' to life. She will adapt this theme in her designs, as she showcases a collection that reflects the innovative essence that is Fiama Di Wills. Her designs exude the exotic, the glamorous and the mysterious. It takes the most unusual and makes it commonplace in true exotic style!

Ranna Gill believes that Fiama Di Wills is made up of a unique fusion. "Innovativeness and invention relentlessly meet style and panache. There is a youthful grace to all of its products and I wish to showcase this through 'Exotica'. There is a continual integration taking place in the world of Fiama Di Wills and this is woven through the fabric of my designs. Each cut and colour, each weft and warp carry forward the theme, where a multitude of interesting ingredients amalgamate to form desirable creations."

Ranna Gill's adaptation of Fiama Di Wills' Exotica: Spring / Summer 2013

Ranna Gill has sustained a combination of style and substance that makes all her collections so stunning. The designer showcases Fiama Di Wills' Exotica with nature as her chief inspiration for Spring Summer 2013 and her collection is evocative of an exotic sculpture garden... perhaps her own personal Garden of Eden. It made for a surreal fantasy and you may find yourself hankering for some of the sensuous feminine forms sheathed in silk jerseys and silk georgettes and in-house woven brocade.  Her collection is a mélange of exotic flora and fauna. There are orchids and birds of Paradise and natural locations. It has worked well for the designer who has graduated into a force to be reckoned with in the womenswear world.

Ranna Gill is chockablock with ideas. She has always favored sparkle and trimmings and here too it is achieved in part by detachable embellishments (sequined animals and birds or a crystal neckpiece that appears to be a part of the garment but is removable) and in part by sequins. There is an absorption and reimagining of some of her signature styles and indomitably glamorous spirit in this decadent collection. The beautifully woven maxis and kaftans, Jersey dresses and tunics and skirts indicate a move toward easier Seventies styles and further evidence of this drift is in the tie-dye looks which are a little nostalgic though the shibori patterns of flora and fauna feel modern. These are the pieces that any girl would love to put on and never take off! The collection is presented in a profusion of color-though unlike colors you'd find in nature as hot fluorescent shades and pastels are splashed on a white base.

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