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PLM creates rapid route to stores for the fashion sector
26 Sep 2013

ITC Infotech’s implementation of Product Lifecycle  Management creates seamless supply chains to get clothing lines on the shelves  in record time

The European fashion industry is amongst the biggest in the  world. With centres such as London, Paris and Milan, the fashion industry in  these locations is grappling to find a solution that enables retailers to get  their products to market quicker. ITC Infotech is leveraging its success in  Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), to bring a future-ready solution to market.

Two thirds of the world’s top retailers have selected PTC’s  FlexPLM and have placed their trust in PTC’s technology. ITC Infotech has been  involved in over 65% of FlexPLM projects worldwide, and primed over 45% of  FlexPLM projects. It is now expanding this business in Europe’s pre-eminent  fashion centres. Through its close association with PTC, ITC Infotech provides  FlexPLM services, as well as end-to-end services including Product Lifecycle  Management and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM).

ITC Infotech is today a leading PLM services provider in  Europe and globally. The company recently implemented FlexPLM at Brooks Sports,  a leading US-based running company that designs and markets high-performance  men's and women's running shoes, apparel and accessories in more than 40  countries worldwide. ITC Infotech completed the implementation process in a  short span of seven months, making it one of the most efficient PLM  implementations in the Consumer Products, Retail, Footwear& Apparel  sectors.

PLM helps companies speed up their R&D return on  investment (ROI). As for retailers, especially those delivering innovative  trend-right products to the fashion market, faster delivery has become a  business imperative. Maintaining high quality products, building a competitive  edge and generating consistent profit margins continue to be significant.  FlexPLM addresses the specific challenges faced by companies across the retail,  footwear and apparel industry.

Hardeep Singh Garewal, President – European Operations, ITC  Infotech said, “In today’s very fast, dynamic environment, companies in the  retail and fashion industries are increasingly under pressure to address  critical issues such as latest trends, design new products and get them to  market quickly to ensure that they have a constant stream of new products for  customers. An effective PLM deployment ensures that products are brought to  market faster. Our close association with PTC and deep knowledge and insights  on this sector and PLM enable us to offer unrivalled levels of support in  managing a quick, smooth and effective implementation of FlexPLM.”

As the industry moves towards Fast Fashion, companies are  increasingly looking at leveraging PLM solutions beyond just cost savings.  Customers want added functionalities, integrated platforms and intuitive  dashboards, to enhance their return on investments made in PLM technologies.

“We have a strong consulting team of business analysts,  solution architects and highly experienced technical people on hand to help. We  actually go beyond PLM. Our ‘extended PLM’ approach integrates PLM systems with  enterprise resource planning (ERP), helping clients with analytics around the  data produced by the PLM systems,” added Garewal.

ITC Infotech recently unveiled Style Performance  Analytics (SPA), a solution which combines PLM, ERP and BI in order to  revolutionize the fashion design process. In a first of its kind IT  intervention, the fashion industry can now look forward to utilising IT  services to predict future developments. Combining product attribute  information from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools with transactional  data from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, SPA uses Business  Intelligence (BI) tools to discover the styles and attributes that are most  popular with customers. This allows designers to predict trends and design as  per market requirements.

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