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A new path breaking Internet search engine developed
16 Nov 2009

TipTop and ITC Infotech launch innovative search Engine which intuitively answers queries using Real-Time search

TipTop Technologies, a leading search technology company, and ITC Infotech, a global IT services company and fully owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, today announced the launch of a innovative search engine - TipTop™ - which will help internet users find the best and most relevant answers for any search, along with an opportunity to directly engage with people who could share their experiences related to the search topic.

A search in TipTop on any subject will instantly reveal people’s emotions and experiences about it, as well as other concepts that are being discussed in connection with the subject.  Various interactive features of the search engine will allow the user to navigate among these messages using filters and categories, or discover more about the people whose messages they like.

“TipTop solves a problem that users (Consumer and Enterprise) have encountered at some point - how to cut through all the information that’s available on the Web and find what’s useful to everyday life,” says Shyam Kapur, TipTop’s President and CEO.

L. N. Balaji, President of ITC Infotech, Americas, said, “TipTop is a front-runner in the ongoing revolution in search technologies. ITC Infotech has worked along with TipTop to make the search engine user friendly for both enterprises and consumers. Internet Media is one of ITC Infotech’s focus verticals and we are constantly striving to innovate and deliver maximum value to our partners.”  

Users can experience the power of TipTop Search Engine at the beta site which answers user's queries through analysis of tweets on Twitter.

The real-time quality of the information that TipTop filters makes it part of a growing trend in online search that prizes unedited content generated by non-experts. “Although Twitter is only the first step in our overall vision for this technology,” Shyam explains, “It’s probably the best example of a platform full of real-time information that can be useful with the right technology to facilitate contextually relevant, fast searches and connect with the best people. That’s where TipTop comes in.”

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