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Wills Lifestyle presents an enthralling Grand Finale
28 Oct 2009

Rohit Bal rediscovers the glorious legacy of India with a mesmeric show

The Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale, held on October 28, 2009, in the capital presented by ace designer Rohit Bal was a magnificent tribute to the resplendent glory of India's rich cultural heritage. The collection called 'Yasas' was dedicated to splendour and grandeur of the Golden Peacock, a name once India was known by, the glamour and inherent luxury that India once was a part of. Rohit Bal brought alive on the ramp his unique individual interpretation of the regal era.

The Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale Spring/Summer 2010 set new benchmarks in creativity and entertainment and promised to be a world class event. The evening saw the ramp bedecked with iconic creation of lotuses and earthen pots reminiscent of the olden days. The dramatic element was hovered through the show arena creating surreal effect that mesmerized the audiences. It was a truly spectacular sight! Playing alongside was live performance by The Price Group from Orissa, recent winners of the reality show 'India's got talent'.

Commenting on the collection, Atul Chand, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC's Lifestyle Retailing, said "At the Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale, Rohit Bal, celebrated as the master of fabric and fantasy, presented a collection marked by opulence and elegance. Each ensemble was resplendent with his creative genius. The result has been sheer magnificence."

He further added, "Our partnership with Rohit extends beyond the ramp. Today's Grand Finale collection will be the inspiration for our Wills signature line of exclusive designer wear and will be retailed at the Wills Lifestyle stores across the country."

Speaking on the occasion, Rohit Bal said, "I am really thrilled to showcase my collection at the Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale once again. Our association goes beyond the ramp; I've had a splendid experience with country's premium fashion & lifestyle brand."

The collection is based on supreme craft and a marriage of the classic with contemporary. The story portrays the metamorphosis of ancient Indian techniques being given a modern and fresh avtar. The embroideries are all finely hand done and each piece has taken months to create. There is a unique mix of fabrics which is unpredictable and whimsical, showcasing Rohit's signature style of playing beautifully with different structures in fabric. It embraces soft, unpretentious muslins with rich velvets and brocades, gentle and fluid shapes, free spirited and feminine.

Going back and digging deep into the archives of ancient Indian costumes, pre Mughal and Mughal, the textiles, the colors and the embroideries are in fact a journey into the past of this magnificent culture. There is a serene purity in this collection; purity and tranquility of the handspun Mulmul and chanderi. The yards of fabric representing the sheer luxury of exquisite drapes and cascades of rich brocades are a definitive statement of a strong and intense Indian sensibility.

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