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ITC mulls wind energy plant in AP
The Times of India - 02 Aug 2013

ITC is investing Rs 300 crore to set up a 48MW  wind energy plant in Andhra Pradesh. The windmills will add to its present 70  MW capacity wind energy plant in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Speaking on the sidelines of a CII conference on green buildings, ITC executive  director Pradeep Dhobale said the company was committed to become one of the  leading green corporates in the world through investments in renewable energy  while driving energy efficiency at its facilities.

“We are re-modelling and renovating our existing hotels, offices and  manufacturing units so that they consume less electricity and water. Working on  existing facilities, particularly hotels, was a challenge because we have to  undertake the renovation without inconveniencing guests. We have accomplished  it successfully. ITC Hotels has been branded the ‘greenest luxury hotel chain  in the world’ with all premium luxury hotels LEED (Leadership in Energy and  Environmental Design) Platinum certified,” Dhobale said.

Incidentally, city-based ITC Sonar was the first LEED platinum-certified hotel  in the world and also the first to receive carbon credits under the Clean  Development Mechanism. ITC has accumulated around 500,000 carbon credits till  date. At present, ITC’s green building footprint is pegged at 5 million sq ft.

“We are also practising carbon sequestering by planting trees. We have a social  and farm forestry programme covering 150,000 hectare,” Dhobale said. The  company has also undertaken a cultural change programme to encourage employees  to conserve energy and waste less. Managers have been asked to switch off the  light and AC when they leave their room.

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