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Indian firms warming up to eco-friendly ways
DNA - 17 Oct 2013

Green is good Although heading in  the direction of green IT and sustainability, India Inc has a lot to learn

Realising the importance of green and sustainable living in today’s  world, India Inc seems to be doing its bit for the environment. A Gartner  report states that India’s spending on green IT and sustainability initiatives  have increased by 17.6% to reach $29.2 billion in 2013. Last year, the spending  was $24.8 billion.

Thanks  to various initiatives by the government, which is pushing for changes that  will likely set the tone for sustainable, low-carbon economic growth in the  country in the coming years, businesses and investors in India are slowly  waking up to green and sustainability issues.

“Many  Indian organisations still lack the strategic focus that comes with a clear  understanding of the core issues and key technologies that bring about real  change in the vision for sustainability and green IT in an organisation,” said  Ganesh Ramamoorthy, research director at Gartner. “Policy initiatives and regulatory measures from the Indian government will be  the key drivers for implementation of some of the technologies necessary to  usher in low-carbon sustainable growth,” he added.

Though  a few leading organisations in the country are beginning to make initiatives in  this direction, they have a piecemeal approach that relies more on the hype  surrounding the solutions, than on the real benefit of these to the  organisation’s green vision.

According  to Ramamoorthy, India Inc faces some unique challenges in terms of unreliable  power infrastructure and growing urban-rural divide, which will give them the  opportunity to innovate and test new cost-effective approaches and green  technology solutions that may be adapted in other countries. Even corporates feel that green initiatives will gain relevance to stay  competitive.

“There  are regulations that are going to come up in this space. More and more  consumers are demanding green products. Hence, companies have to change their  strategy to be more relevant to consumers,” says Sandeep Kumar, global head,  business consulting group, ITC Infotech.

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