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ITC scaling up its solid waste management programmes
The Economic Times - 04 Jun 2018

ITC Ltd is scaling up its  solid waste management programmes to sustain the leadership position as a solid  waste recycling positive company. The company's flagship initiative 'Wellbeing  out of waste' covers over 77 lakh people in the country.

The cigarette-FMCG-hospitality conglomerate's solid  waste management initiatives include plastic waste management whereby it  recycles over 99% of waste generated across ten states. ITC has also focused on  optimising its packaging to ensure that the environmental impact of  post-consumer waste is minimised without affecting the product integrity, as  per a media release.

ITC's managing director Sanjiv Puri said the problem of  solid waste management is one of epic proportions and requires each organ of  the society and more so, enterprises that are large economic organs of the  society, to make a meaningful contribution towards in line with the Swachh  Bharat initiative.

The company also has a 'Green Temple' initiative  whereby three of Tamil Nadu's eminent temples are turning their premises into  zero garbage zones by recycling the organic waste from daily offerings. ITC is  also collaborating with the municipal corporations of Delhi, Hyderabad,  Bengaluru, Saharanpur and Muzaffarpur among others to ensure cleaner and  greener cities.

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