ITC Forestry

  • Creating Livelihoods. Nourishing the environment

    ITC's Afforestation Programme has created a source of sustainable livelihoods for poor farmers by helping them grow commercially viable pulpwood plantations, on waste- and low yielding lands. This initiative has generated over 185 million person days of employment. It has also generated green cover for over 1 million acres, contributing significantly to soil conservation and carbon sequestration
  • R&D to improve productivity

    To ensure the commercial viability of these plantations, ITC invested in extensive R&D to develop fast-growing clonal saplings that are disease-resistant and have a higher rate of survival in harsh conditions.
  • Securing the future with Agro-forestry

    The recently introduced agro-forestry model, which combines tree growing with field crop production, ensures both food and wood security as well as helps in the conservation of precious natural resources
  • Carbon Positive

    ITC's Afforestation initiative generates large scale green cover that contributes significantly to groundwater recharge, soil conservation and carbon sequestration, ensuring ITC's carbon positive status for over 14 years.
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