ITC Watershed

  • A lifeline for agriculture

    ITC supports watershed development projects in water-stressed areas, developing precious water resources for agriculture, rural communities and livestock through its Soil & Moisture Conservation Programme. Over 23,000 water harvesting structures provide soil & moisture conservation to over 1.39 million acres of farmland.
  • Harvesting water for better crops

    The focus is on building, reviving and maintaining water harvesting structures as well as implementing other measures which help to reverse land degradation, provide critical irrigation and increase agricultural productivity.
  • Community Matters

    Adopting a participatory approach, ITC works with NGOs to mobilise local communities to form water user groups. These groups are trained to carry out the entire spectrum of activities from planning to execution, including monitoring of work and future maintenance of structures. There are over 3,900 Water User Groups and 4,09,000 beneficiary households.
  • Water creates livelihoods

    Apart from boosting agricultural productivity, Civil work for creating water harvesting structures have generated over 7.7 million person-days of employment, particularly benefiting the landless and the marginal.
  • Water Positive

    ITC's Watershed Development Programme has made a significant contribution to ITC's water positive status for over 17 years.
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