Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry plays an important role in the economy of rural India with majority of households owning milch animals. Adopting an integrated animal husbandry services approach, ITC’s programme aims to assist cattle-owners to increase the productivity of their animals and improve milk quality. Targeting marginal households, comprehensive services, including artificial insemination, animal feed and healthcare management, are provided right at the doorstep through village Cattle Development Centres managed by trained technicians from the local community.

Milk yields from cross-bred progeny are significantly higher than indigenous stock, generating substantial supplementary incomes from surplus milk sales, paving the way for dairying to emerge as a viable livelihood option. This income also acts as a cushion in times of crop failure.

ITC’s initiative covers over 10,500 villages in 6 states and has so far provided animal husbandry services to over 2,317,000 milch animals.