Specific Energy Consumption      
Unit of Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division Actual for 2014-15 (GJ/T) Target for 2015-16 (GJ/T) Actual for 2015-16 (GJ/T) Comparison against target Comparison against last year Primary Factors
Bhadrachalam 31.4 30.8 30.6 0.6% lower 2.5% decrease
  • Installation of automated controls & sensors in power generation system for better monitoring & control and thereby minimizing the losses
  • Energy conservation initiatives like optimization of vacuum pumps, retrofitting measures and replacement of fans, pumps, etc. with higher energy efficient equipment.
Kovai 11.6 11.0 13.7 24.5% higher 18.1% increase
  • Due to grid non-availability, there was a reduction in the utilization of generated wind power. This had to be compensated by electricity generated in-house (with attendant auxiliary consumption and conversion loss from fuel to energy)
  • Reduction in boiler efficiency due to change in fuel
Tribeni 38.0 36.1 37.4 3.6% higher 1.6% decrease
  • Reduction in specific energy consumption was limited to 1.6% as compared to the target of 5%, primarily due to changes in specifications and quantities of product orders from what were considered during target setting.