Directors No. of other Directorship(s) No. of Membership(s) / Chairmanship(s) of Audit Committee / Stakeholders Relationship Committee of other Indian public limited companies
Executive Directors
Y C Deveshwar 6 Nil
N Anand 7 Nil
S Puri 3 Nil
R Tandon 10 6 [including 5 as Chairman]
Non-Executive Directors – Independent Directors
A Baijal 6 3 [including 2 as Chairman]
S Banerjee Nil Nil
A Duggal 6 5 [including 1 as Chairman]
S B Mathur 10 6 [including 1 as Chairman]
P B Ramanujam Nil Nil
S S H Rehman Nil Nil
M Shankar 2 1
Non-Executive Directors - Others
A V Girija Kumar 1 Nil
R E Lerwill 4 Nil
S B Mainak 2 Nil
K Vaidyanath Nil Nil
Note: On demise of Mr S H Khan, Independent Director, on 12th January, 2016, the Board of Directors appointed Ms N Rao as Additional Independent Director w.e.f. 8th April, 2016, subject to the approval of the Shareholders.