Director Category No. of other Directorship(s) No. of Membership(s) / Chairmanship(s) of Audit Committee/Stakeholders Relationship Committee of other Indian public limited companies
Y. C. Deveshwar Chairman & Non-Executive Director 5 Nil
S. Puri Chief Executive Officer &
Executive Director
1 Nil
N. Anand Executive Director
8 Nil
R. Tandon Executive Director &
Chief Financial Officer
9 6 [including 5 as Chairman]
S. Banerjee Independent Director Nil Nil
A. Duggal Independent Director 7 5 [including 1 as Chairman]
S. B. Mathur Independent Director 11 9 [including 5 as Chairman]
P. B. Ramanujam Independent Director Nil Nil
N. Rao Independent Director 5 2
S. S. H. Rehman Independent Director Nil Nil
M. Shankar Independent Director 3 2
Z. Alam Non-Executive Director -
Representative of General
Insurers' (Public Sector)
Association of India as Investor
Nil Nil
S. B. Mainak Non-Executive Director -
Representative of Life Insurance
Corporation of India as Investor
4 2 [including 1 as Chairman]
D. R. Simpson Non-Executive Director -
Representative of Tobacco
Manufacturers (India) Limited,
a subsidiary of British American
Tobacco p.l.c.
3 Nil