Consultation with Key Stakeholders and Identification of Key Concerns
Stakeholder Consultation Mechanism Key Issues
Providers of Financial Capital
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Exclusive section in Corporate Website on 'Shareholder Value' which serves to inform and service shareholders
  • An exclusive e-mail id: for direct interaction with shareholders
  • Regular interactions with institutional investors
  • Improved profitability and growth of the organisation
  • Transparent and effective communications
  • Investor servicing
  • Sound corporate governance mechanisms
Government and Regulatory Authorities
  • Representations on policy issues through industry associations and other bodies
  • Participation in policy advocacy discussions at various forums
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sound corporate governance mechanisms
  • Tax revenues
  • Improvement in use of natural resources
  • Transparency in disclosures
  • Livelihood generation
  • Market surveys
  • Personal contacts/ visits
  • Personalised lifestyle privilege programme
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Key account management
  • Product/service quality and safety
  • Adequate information on products
  • Transparent communication
  • Product/service availability
  • Timely delivery of product/service
  • Maintenance of privacy/confidentiality
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Induction programmes/training workshops
  • Individual performance appraisal
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Grievance handling processes
  • Trade union meetings
  • Caring and empowering work environment
  • Personal development and growth
  • Safety
  • Grievance resolution
  • Competitive compensation
  • Regular formal/informal talks
  • Farmer training programmes and workshops
  • Agreements for all procurement activities
  • e-Choupal and Choupal Pradarshan Khets (demonstration farms)
  • Participatory rural appraisals to identify needs and challenges
  • Sustainable & accelerated growth in livelihoods and farm incomes
  • Know-how on improvement of productivity and profitability
  • Capacity development for further investment
  • Easy, affordable and reliable access to inputs such as quality seeds, fertilisers and pesticides
  • Regeneration and replenishment of common property resources like water, village commons, biomass and biodiversity
Supply Chain Partners
  • Manufacturers’ meets
  • Vendor meets
  • Pre-agreement negotiations
  • Agreements for all procurement activities
  • Knowledge and infrastructure support
  • Regular communication and updates on business plans
  • Inclusion of local medium and small scale enterprises in vendor base
  • Competency development of local vendors
  • Stability/tenure of relationship
  • Ordering and payment routines
  • Purchasing prices
  • One-on-one Media interactions
  • Press conferences/Press releases
  • Advertisements/Promotions
  • Interviews with Senior Managers
  • Transparent and accurate disclosure to stakeholders
  • Responsible Corporate Citizenship
  • Corporate Reputation
Civil Society
  • Partnership in implementation of CSR Programmes under Mission Sunehra Kal
  • Discussions on community issues with Civil Society Organisations
  • Financial support for community development programmes
  • Managerial support
  • Environmental impacts
  • Safe products and services
  • Responsible Corporate Citizenship
Local Communities
  • Community needs assessment activities undertaken in collaboration with independent parties/Civil Society Organisations
  • Formation and regular meetings of village institutions
  • Public hearings during greenfield/ expansion projects
  • Assessment of direct and indirect impacts of ITC's social investments on communities
  • Community development programmes based on local communities' needs
  • Strengthening of livelihood opportunities
  • Improvement of social infrastructure for hygienic and healthy living environment
  • Dignity of life through economic & social empowerment