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ITC: The Making of a National Champion

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ITC's aspiration to be a National Champion is driven by its abiding Vision to put Country before Corporation and the Institution before the Individual. This vision has inspired a journey to transform ITC into a vibrant engine of growth with substantial and growing contribution to the Indian economy. It is the Company's belief that by making societal value creation a core strategic purpose, it has laid strong foundations for a future-ready corporation - an exemplary national enterprise committed to building enduring value for its stakeholders.

This commitment is manifest in many ways - in its strategy to pursue multiple drivers of growth to make a multi-dimensional contribution to economic growth; in the creation of world-class Indian brands that create, capture and retain larger value in the country; in establishing state-of-the-art brick and mortar assets that enrich the nation's industrial capability as well as livelihood generation opportunities; and in its multi-pronged social investment programmes that help in addressing some of the key challenges facing the country today, namely widespread poverty, unemployment and environmental degradation.

The Hon'ble Prime Minister's vision to build a dynamic, progressive and self-reliant India through impactful programmes such as the Make in India, Skill India, Digital India and Swachh Bharat resonates deeply with the Company's efforts to create a national institution of pride. The following pages encapsulate some of these endeavours.

Creating Multiple Drivers of Growth for the Economy

Building World-class Indian Brands

Global Exemplar in Sustainability


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