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No stops for ITC
New product launches: 2002-03


In the Ready to Eat segment, the product portfolio under the ‘Kitchens of India’ brand was further expanded with the introduction of new recipes and the launch of the ‘Gharana’ range. The ‘Aashirvaad’ brand is rapidly gaining leadership status with the launch of ‘Aashirvaad Pure Salt’ and the encouraging response to ‘Aashirvaad Select’ and ‘Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta’. The confectionery segment saw the launch of ‘mint-o’ and ‘Candyman’. The launch of ‘I Bischips’ heralded ITC’s entry into the Snack Foods segment.

During 2002-03, ITC crossed significant milestones both in the range of FMCG products launched as well as the breadth of distribution. Investment in people systems, trade marketing expertise and product development enabled the launch and national rollout of several FMCG products spanning Apparel, Packaged Foods, Greeting Cards and Stationery, Safety Matches and Incense Sticks (Agarbatti). The business model in each of these product categories envisages retaining core competency-based elements of each value chain in-house. Manufacturing is outsourced largely to small and

The year saw the launch of ‘Insignia’ in the super premium category in a unique shoulder box package. It is rapidly creating a franchise in the consumers’ minds as the finest global standard in cigarette quality.

The Greeting Cards business launched ‘Expressions Paperkraft’, a range of premium stationery products, in select markets. The products will be rolled out nationally soon.

medium enterprises (SMEs). Such a model enables ITC to participate effectively in strengthening the capability of these SMEs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the entire value chain. ITC is engaged in further expanding its distribution and delivery bandwidth to serve as a springboard to cater to a much wider range of FMCG products.

The launch of three brands – ‘Spriha, Nivedan and Ashageet’ – in six fragrances marked ITC’s foray into the marketing of Incense Sticks. Distribution is being extended in a phased manner to cover all target markets.

ITC’s Safety Matches were launched in August 2002. The Company’s brands – ‘iKno, Mangal Deep, Delite, Vax Lit and Aim’ – have met with encouraging consumer response and gained impressive market shares.

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