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Sustainability Report 2013
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Social Performance

Social - Mission Sunehra Kal

Soil and Moisture Conservation

The Soil and Moisture Conservation programme, designed to assist farmers in identified moisture-stressed districts, increased by another 26,637 hectares. Altogether 470 water harvesting structures were constructed during 2012-13. The total area covered under the watershed programme cumulatively crossed the 1,00,000 mark to reach 1,16,127 hectares.

Most of the watershed programmes are now being implemented in partnership with either NABARD or various state governments. The highlights of the partnership programmes are:

ACTIVITY 2011-12 2012-13 CUM TO 2012-13
Water Harvesting      
Minor Structures (No) 224 236 2,443
Major Structures (No) 218 234 1,698
Total Structures 442 470 4,141
Watershed Area      
Area Treated (Ha) 18,231 21,261 78,661
Critical Irrigation Area (Ha) 6,761 5,375 37,466
Total Watershed Area 24,992 26,637 116,127
Direct Beneficiaries (No) 23,433 19,271 107,968
Empl Mandays (Lakhs) 7.67 9.21 35.24

An MoU was signed between the Government of Rajasthan, ITC Limited, and the Project Implementing Agencies (NGOs) in August, 2012, for the joint implementation of the Integrated Watershed Management Programme. The MoU covers 12,974 hectares in the districts of Bundi, Jhalawar and Pratapgarh in the e-Choupal catchment areas. With this, the total area to be brought under soil and moisture conservation through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects has increased to over 1.44 lakh hectares.

Work on the PPP projects with the state governments has been progressing well. By the close of the financial year, the PPP projects cumulatively covered over 25,174 hectares (25% of the 5-year target) in the three states, where government programmes are being implemented.

Under the NABARD partnership projects, more than 20,000 hectares have been covered todate, contributing 47% of the total target.

In line with the focus on building the capacities of the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI), training programmes were organised for Gram Panchayat members, Gramsevaks and VDC members in the PPP project districts in areas such as MGNREGS, PRIs and the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders.

The total area to be brought under soil and moisture conservation through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects has increased to over 1.44 lakh hectares
NABARD 43,450 20,328 47%
Madhya Pradesh 15,039 1,606 11%
Maharashtra 42,971 15,081 35%
Rajasthan 43,117 8,488 20%
Total 144,577 45,502 31%


Improved Agricultural Practices

In line with our objective to give a major thrust to creating a sustainable agricultural base, the year saw a significant increase in all the major interventions compared to the previous year: the number of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) increased from 37 to 162, the number of farmers covered (5,129) and the demonstration plots (4,733) grew almost three-fold and the compost units (503) nearly tripled during the year. Eighteen new Agri Business Centres (ABC) were set up during the year, taking the total to 51, to provide extension services to farmers. These centres provided agri inputs worth Rs. 85.61 lakh to nearly 3,211 farmers.

ACTIVITY 2011-12 2012-13 CUM TO 2012-13
Minor Irrigation      
Group Irrigation (No) 42 - 497
Sprinklers (No) 121 34 804
Wel Recharge 61 12 73
Sustainable Agriculture      
IPNM/Varietal Demo (No of plots) 1,668 4,733 11,648
IPNM/Varietal Demo (Area-Ha) 834 1,417 2,932
Compost Units (No) 139 503 14,446
Farmer Field Schools (No) 37 125 162
Farmer Field Students (No) 918 4,211 5,129
Agri Business Centres      
No of ABCs (No) 6 18 51
Farmers Serviced (No) 3,833 3,211 11,211
Value of Inputs (Rs. Lakhs) 31 86 154
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