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The Company has been an outstanding innovator in cigarette packaging. The shoulder box for ‘Insignia’, the beveled edge packs for ‘Classic Milds’, ‘Classic Ultra Milds’ and ‘Classic Menthol’, the contour pack for ‘India Kings’, the new wave pack for Long-Size filter cigarettes and flat tens for ‘Classic’ have brought world-class packaging to the Indian consumer. ITC’s entire range of filter cigarettes is now packed in the internationally preferred hinged-lid format.

‘Gold Flake’, ‘Navy Cut’ and ‘Scissors’ are among the top five FMCG brands in the country. The Company’s highly popular portfolio also includes brands like ‘Insignia’, ‘India Kings’, ‘Classic’, ‘Capstan’, ‘Berkeley’ and ‘Bristol’. Filter cigarettes now constitute 77% of the Company’s brand mix.

ITC’s leadership in the Indian market has enabled the Company to launch a slew of brands for highly competitive export markets, like the United States and the Middle East. In these markets, ITC has successfully positioned a wide range of brands like ‘Checkers’, ‘Hi-Val’, ‘Royale Classic’, ‘Gold Crest’, ‘Gold Cut’ and ‘Scissors Filter Kings’.

’Insignia’, launched in the unique shoulder box,
has redefined the premium segment
’India Kings’ changed its packaging to become the first Indian brand in a contour pack (right), significantly reinforcing its premium imagery
Taking India to the world: Showcasing ITC's
manufacturing and marketing capabilities in highly competitive
export markets

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