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2001 : Entry into the Foods Business with launch of ’Kitchens of India’
2002 : ’mint-o’ trade mark acquired, relaunched in lemon and mint flavours; ’Candyman’ added to confectionery range; ’Aashirvaad’ atta rolled out
2003 : Integrated Group Research & Development Centre established; ’ Aashirvaad’ salt introduced; ’Candyman’ range expanded to deposited candies and eclairs; ’Sunfeast’ biscuits launched; ’Aashirvaad ReadyMeals’ offered; ’mint-o’ in lemon mint flavour
2004 : ’Kitchens of India’ extended to cooking pastes
mint-o and Candyman, available in unique flavours, have become hugely popular with young consumers
’Sunfeast’ biscuits, available in basic and value-added options of glucose, marie and cream, are rapidly gaining consumer acceptance

In ITC’s branded packaged foods business, the Company has created a new epicentre of rapid growth by blending its time-tested key competencies and organisational strengths. Capability to source high quality agri products, access to in-house world-class paperboards and state-of-the-art packaging solutions, widely acknowledged cuisine expertise of its hotels’ business and a robust FMCG distribution infrastructure have combined to give the Company a distinct advantage in the market place.

ITC’s portfolio, currently consisting of 45 value-added products, appeals to changing consumer preferences in virtually all categories – staples, confectionery, snack foods & biscuits, and ready-to-eat meals. In order to assure consumers of the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, ITC is engaged in assisting outsourced manufacturers in implementing world-class hygiene standards through HACCP certification. The unwavering commitment to internationally benchmarked quality standards enabled ITC to rapidly gain market standing in all its 5 brands.

ITC’s ‘Aashirvaad’ atta has already established leadership as the number one branded atta among national branded players within barely two years of launch. The ‘Aashirvaad’ assurance of quality now extends to ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-cook pastes, atta and salt.

ITC pioneered the launch of butterscotch cream and orange marie biscuits, under the ‘Sunfeast’ brand – examples of product innovation widely accepted by the consumers.

ITC has achieved a significant market presence in the confectionery segment with the rapid growth of the ‘mint-o’ and ’Candyman’ brands, which between them now have 11 flavour variants.

ITC’s ‘Kitchens of India’ range of gourmet products showcases India’s traditional cuisine, captured in the cooking styles of three of ITC’s celebrated restaurants – ‘Bukhara’, ‘Dakshin’ and ‘DumPukht’.

ITC's state-of-the-art food technology centre in Bengaluru enables the business to develop a range of clearly differentiated superior products
Convenience for the new-age woman - the affordable range of ITC's ready-to-eat meals and cooking pastes are a true bonanza

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