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Delighting the Indian global consumer


Economic liberalisation has thrown up significant opportunities and challenges for the Indian industry. Foremost among them, is the globalisation of the Indian market, leading to the growing sophistication of the Indian consumer. Rise in disposable incomes, changing attitude towards consumption and the increasing exposure to global lifestyles through the electronic media have powerfully combined to create newer and bigger markets of consumers who demand products and services of international standards. As per the estimates of the National Council for Applied Economic Research, the Indian middle-class has grown two and a half times between 1995-96 and 2001-02.

In keeping with its mission of delivering world-class performance, ITC has focused on achieving international standards in cost, quality and productivity in all its businesses. This is particularly true for ITC’s Paperboards, Specialty Papers and Packaging business which provides international-class paperboards and packaging to a diverse range of industry customers.

ITC’s paperboards and packaging support some of the biggest brands in India, including the Company’s own leading FMCG brands. They feature on every supermarket shelf and retail outlet, straddling all carton-consuming segments including foods, beverages, pharma, personal care & toiletries, durable goods and matches – a testimony to ITC’s undisputed leadership in value-added packaging.

This success did not come easily. Behind it lies a saga of business transformation. Of embracing a difficult and challenging corporate strategy. Of delivering a demanding execution plan. Of going beyond the call of duty by a team with the grit and courage to swim against the tide.

The story began over two and a half decades ago…


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