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ITC’s efforts at energy conservation, use of environment friendly fuels & renewable energy and large-scale afforestation have enabled the Company to sequester 85.6% of the carbon dioxide emitted by its operations.


Energy conservation: ITC Units used 12,085 Terra Joules of energy in 2004-05. Out of this, 95.11% was met through internal generation. 24.6% of the energy used was produced from waste.

All ITC Units endeavoured to minimise specific energy consumption, a measure of energy required per unit of production. Energy audits by experts, deployment of latest technologies, awareness campaigns and global benchmarking have helped reduce specific energy consumption in several ITC Units.

Carbon sequestration: ITC’s unique farm and social forestry programmes now cover 29,230 hectares (19,500 hectares till 2003-04). Helped by intensive R&D, the productivity of plantations under these programmes has almost doubled in the last few years. The environmental value of ITC’s forestry programmes assumes even greater importance in the light of a study by experts from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, which shows that the ‘above ground’ and ‘below ground’ biomass contributes a 71% carbon sink over and above the carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestered by pulpable wood.

ITC is not only close to becoming a ‘Carbon Positive’ Corporation, its energy conservation and large-scale forestry programmes have put the Company in the unique position of being eligible to create ‘Certifiable CO2 Credits.’



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