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Wasteland Development - Social and Farm Forestry

During 2004-05, 1,765 hectares of wastelands were brought under plantations through social forestry, taking the cumulative total to 4,643 hectares. The project today covers 14 mandals, 224 villages and 6,400 poor households, with the strength of total area under plantation touching 19 million saplings.

ITC’s strategic alliance with the Government of Andhra Pradesh took off to a successful start by bringing 112 hectares of land under clonal plantation.

The year also marked the successful validation of the social forestry model of the Company, under which poor tribals are provided a comprehensive package of support and extension services to help them convert their wastelands into plantations. As at March 2005, 153 poor tribal households had harvested 73 hectares of their plantations, yielding 2,549 tonnes of pulpwood, valued at Rs 37 lakhs. The entire output was purchased by ITC’s Paperboards business. The harvesting households deposited Rs 14 lakhs with the Sanghas towards creation of the village development fund. This successful validation of the social intervention model has greatly reinforced your Company’s belief that it is possible to synergise shareholder value creation with service to society.

Your Company’s social and farm forestry programmes have todate greened 29,230 hectares with over 100 million saplings.

Rajamma and Gadida Ramachandra Rao of Ganapavaram village, Khammam District were keen to find a bridegroom for their daughter, Krishnaveni. They found the right man. But found it difficult to raise funds for the marriage. Eager to go ahead with the marriage despite a shortage of funds, they contemplated felling their young plantation. But better sense prevailed. They came to ITC seeking an advance against their plantation. ITC readily agreed. Krishnaveni was able to tie the knot. And Rajamma and Ramachandra were able to grow a full plantation and reap a rich harvest.
Konda Nageswara Rao – an agricultural labourer from Venkatapuram SC Colony, Burgampahad (M), Khammam District – lived a life of poverty with his disabled wife and three sons. His second son was seriously injured while playing. Nageswara Rao did not have the means for his treatment. Till ITC came to his rescue. As one of the beneficiaries of the Social Forestry programme, ITC helped him convert his 1.2 acres of wasteland into a full grown plantation. An investment of Rs 10,000 yielded Rs 24,000. Enough to treat his son and look forward to a brighter future.



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