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Mission Sunehra Kal


Social Investments Programme

In pursuit of its commitment to the triple bottom line, ITC has invested in the implementation of innovative value chains with all its key stakeholders as active participants that contribute to making economic development more inclusive and sustainable. ITC’s social investment strategy continues to be driven by the needs and concerns of two important stakeholders:

  • The rural communities with whom ITC’s agri-businesses have forged a long and enduring partnership through its crop development and procurement activities. Most of these farmers operate in the rainfed regions where agriculture is inherently fragile and continues to worsen due to a number of factors, with top soil erosion and groundwater depletion being the two most critical issues. Based on current evidence, there is a compelling case to argue that these factors are likely to worsen due to the exacerbated impacts wrought by climate change.
  • The communities (rural and urban) residing in close proximity to our production Units are typically characterised by poor social and physical infrastructure and low levels of human development as a result of inadequate education and sanitation.

Promoting Inclusive & Sustainable Growth

The overarching aim of the Company’s social investments is to empower stakeholder communities to conserve, augment and manage their social and environmental capital by helping them adopt sustainable practices that enable them to be economically competitive and socially secure. These endeavours are aimed at:

  • Diversification of farming systems as a strategy for sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation by broad-basing the farm and off-farm based livelihoods portfolio of the poor.
  • Nurture and expand social capital to create a more level playing field in the market for skill-related modern production and to address competitive demands for higher productivity.

Mission Sunehra Kal, ITC’s social investments programme deepened its imprint this year with the implementation of 76 projects spread across 51 districts of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Together these programmes reach out to more than 3 lakh households and over 1.70 million individuals who are directly impacted by the various programmes spread over 5,495 villages.

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