Sustainability at ITC

Sustainability as a driving force for ITC

Any sustainable solution to addressing the grave challenges facing the world today requires the concerted efforts of all sections of society - policymakers, regulators, business, NGOs and civil society. At ITC, we believe that with their immense managerial and innovative capacity, business can contribute significantly towards making a transformational change in society.

Inspired by this opportunity to serve larger societal purposes, we articulated a Vision two decades ago to make the Company a National Champion by adopting the credo of 'Putting India First' - keeping Country before Corporation and the Institution before Individual. This resolve to build an exemplary Indian enterprise led to the creation of innovative business models that synergised the creation of economic wealth with the formation of ecological and social capital as a unified strategy.

ITC's Sustainability Impact

  • ITC e-Choupal

    Empowering 4 Million Farmers

  • Afforestation Programme

    Greening more than 732,900 acres

  • Watershed Development Programme

    Providing Soil & Moisture conservation to over 10,11,600 acres

  • Livestock Development Initiative

    Providing animal husbandry services in six states and 21 districts

  • Women Empowerment Initiative

    Creating over 64,600 sustainable livelihoods for women

  • Primary Education Initiative

    Benefitting over 690,800 children

  • Skilling & Vocational Training Initiative

    More than 67,400 youth trained

  • Health & Sanitation Programme

    Over 35,900 low-cost sanitary units constructed

  • Renewable Energy

    Over 43% of energy consumption at ITC is from renewable sources

  • Responsible Luxury

    ITC Hotels: Trailblazer in Responsible Luxury

    All ITC's Premium Luxury Hotels are LEED Platinum Certified

  • Sustainable Agriculture

    Increasing farm productivity & farmer incomes

    Covering over 4,15,000 acres

  • Solid Waste Management

    Well-being Out of Waste programme covers 77,00,000 Citizens