• ITC's Primary Education Programme - Benefitting
    over 15,31,000 children

The Indian Context

A major obstacle that prevents poor children from progressing to a better future is the fact that they cannot get a decent education, starting right from the primary level.

ITC's Contribution

ITC's Programme aims to create enabling conditions so that more underprivileged children stay in school and complete their schooling, and also to improve learning outcomes so that they have better skills and abilities.

To create an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Programme provides infrastructural support to government primary schools - desks and chairs, lights and fans, classrooms and other structural improvements, textbooks and notebooks, sports kits, etc. Sanitation infrastructure is a top priority - separate toilets for boys and girls, drinking water and handwashing stations, etc - are backed by a proactive approach to developing hygienic habits among children.

To make learning more stimulating, the Programme partners with education providers to introduce modern teaching and assessment methods that help children to achieve higher learning levels and better results. For example, Read India Plus in partnership with Pratham, one of India's leading NGOs in the education field - focuses on enhancing reading and mathematical ability among 6 - 14 year olds. Supplementary Learning Centres in villages provide coaching to help weak students keep up in school and drop-outs to return to the school system.

ITC's Primary education Programme

Creating collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships to retain students, stem drop-outs and improve learning outcomes



Primary Beneficiaries



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Strategies and Key Interventions
  • Creating a child-friendly, supportive school environment
  • Infrastructural support to government primary schools

    Infrastructural support to government primary schools

    ITC provides physical infrastructure e.g. desks, chairs, fans, classrooms, etc as well as teaching aids and stationery to create a comfortable environment that encourages learning.

    Special Focus: Sanitation Infrastructure

    Special Focus: Sanitation Infrastructure

    Sanitation infrastructure is a special focus as key enabler in increasing attendance particularly of girl students. Separate toilets for boys and girls, drinking water and handwashing stations are backed by comprehensive activities to build awareness and instill good hygienic habits among children.

  • Improving Learning Outcomes
  • Innovative teaching methodologies

    Innovative teaching methodologies

    Currently, the main focus is on implementing Read India Plus in partnership with Pratham, one of India's leading education NGOs. Aimed at creating a strong foundation for pre & primary schoolers, the programme focuses on achieving all five competencies - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Doing.

  • Supporting children to keep up & return to regular schools
  • Supplementary Learning Centres

    Supplementary Learning Centres

    Mostly serving village children, the Centres provide coaching to help drop-outs re-join mainstream schooling and to help weak students keep up in regular school.

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