• ITC Hotels Responsible Luxury - Uncompromising Luxury. Responsibly Delivered.

ITC Hotels Division's Approach

Flowing from ITC's sustainability-centric approach in all business operations with particular emphasis on carbon reduction, its Hotels business has pioneered the concept of Responsible Luxury in all its super-premium luxury hotels. Branded ITC Hotels, these signature properties embed sustainable practices in multiple ways, and offer unmatched hospitality so that guests can enjoy a luxurious experience with a clear conscience.

Beginning at the design stage, each ITC Hotel adheres to the highest global and national green building standards to ensure that energy, water and solid waste efficiencies are maximized. From optimizing the use of natural light to meeting their electrical demand through wind and solar energy; conserving water through harvesting rainwater and treating and recycling grey water; and attaining zero waste generation status by reducing, reusing and recycling the solid waste generated, every effort is made to preserve the eco-system around them. At the same time, equal emphasis is given to sustainable sourcing - be in terms of building materials used or edible produce - a sizeable portion is locally sourced.

Responsible Luxury has set new benchmarks in responsible hoteliering. Today, ITC Hotels is renowned not only for its exquisite properties, cuisine and service excellence, all its super-premium luxury hotels are LEED® Platinum rated - making it the greenest luxury hotel chain in the world.

ITC Hotels - Contributing to being planet positive

  • All ITC super-premium luxury hotels are LEED® Platinum certified - making it the greenest luxury hotel chain in the world
  • More than 60% of total electrical energy demand is met through renewable energy sources i.e. wind and solar
  • 100% of waste water is either treated or re-cycled.
    Over 50% reduction in water consumption in the past 5 years
  • Over 99% of solid waste is either re-used or recycled
  • Increased treated fresh air infusion for cleaner and healthier indoor air quality
  • Sustainable sourcing:
    More than 30% of edible ingredients are procured locally
    Approximately 50% of stationery is either locally sourced or is FSC® certified
    20% of materials used in new hotels is sourced from the region
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