Delightful fragrances making every prayer a special experience

Mangaldeep Agarbattis dispels your worries and helps you have an undisturbed conversation with God.

Mangaldeep is India's 2nd largest Agarbatti Brand

New Launches

  • Mangaldeep Lo Smoke Breezy Lavender

    For the first time in India, Mangaldeep Agarbattis has created a revolutionary product powered with a special "Lo Smoke Technology" that releases 80% lesser smoke while burning as compared to normal agarbattis. Mangaldeep Lo smoke incense sticks deliver superior fragrance while reducing the amount of smoke released while burning. Immerse yourself in the soothing fragrance of Lavender with this Breezy Lavender variant.

  • Mangaldeep Temple - Lord Jagannath's Favourite Fragrances is a unique agarbatti pack created for Lord Jagannath's devotees with the following specialties.

    Ingredient - Each of the ingredients used in creating the agarbattis constitute fragrances derived from the favourite offerings of Lord Jagannath. Neem Wood is the primary ingredient in Puri's Lord Jagannath idol that keeps the 'deity immortal'. The idol is adorned with Tulsi Mala and Sandalwood is used to embalm the idol. Kasturi Paste is used as cosmetic to adorn the deity.

    Innovation - The agarbatti is a first of its kind innovation that has dual-fragrance sticks, with two differently coloured sections. The top section has the fragrance of Tulsi & Neem and the bottom section has the fragrance of Kasturi & Chandan

    Creation - Mangaldeep has tied up with the Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS), an arm of the Odisha Government, to enable women empowerment by engaging rural women-based self-help groups (SHGs) to manufacture these agarbattis.

    Contribution - It enables you to do your bit for the Lord's abode. On the sale of every pack of Mangaldeep Temple - Lord Jagannath's Favourite Fragrances a dedicated amount will be donated to the Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri.



Mangaldeep Temple - Baba Vishwanath
Mangaldeep Temple - Lord Jagannath
Mangaldeep Temple - Lord Ganesha
Mangaldeep Temple - Lord Shiva
Mangaldeep Temple - Lord Vishnu
Mangaldeep Temple - Gold Tradition
Mangaldeep Temple - Silver Tradition
Mangaldeep Temple
Mangaldeep Temple - Sandal Tradition
Mangaldeep Flora Sandal
Mangaldeep Marigold
Mangaldeep Lo Smoke Breezy Lavender
Mangaldeep Treya - Power of 3in1
Mangaldeep Sandal
Mangaldeep Bouquet
Mangaldeep Pushpanjali
Mangaldeep Deetyaa - sweet and fruity aroma
Mangaldeep Deetyaa - exotic and cool fragrance
Mangaldeep Deetyaa - warm and spicy scent
Mangaldeep Lavender
Mangaldeep Jathimalligai
Mangaldeep Sadhvi
Mangaldeep 5in1
Mangaldeep Ananth
Mangaldeep 4in1 - ziplock
Mangaldeep Mogra - ziplock


Mangaldeep Treya - Power of 3in1 Cup Sambrani
Mangaldeep Treya - Power of 3in1 Dhoop
Mangaldeep Pushpanjali
Mangaldeep Sambrani
Mangaldeep Sandal
Mangaldeep Rose
Mangaldeep Deluxe
Mangaldeep 4in1

Dhoop Cones

Mangaldeep Sandal
Mangaldeep Rose
Mangaldeep Mogra