Nimeasy dishwash gel comes with Enzyme Technology that gives Lift Off Action, reducing the need for scrubbing your utensils.

The Enzyme Technology ensures that soaking utensils like kadhai etc. in Nimeasy dishwash liquid eases removal of grease & oil through its Lift Off Action. For regular utensils like plates, glasses etc. use just a teaspoon of Nimeasy in a bowl of water for sparkling clean utensils. Removes tough food malodor including, garlic, onion, egg, chicken and fish amongst others. It has Neem extracts known for its anti-microbial properties helps Wash away bacteria from your utensils. It is Skin Friendly and gentle on hands.

Suitable for variety of cookware including aluminium, stainless steel, teflon coated non-stick, ceramic, silver, crockery etc. Doesn't scratch or damage the utensils. Doesn't leave behind any residue like a bar. The refreshing Lemon Citrus fragrance, leaves the utensils smelling clean

Nimeasy dishwash gel

Tired of scrubbing heavy utensils in your kitchen? We all know that Indian cooking leaves behind a layer of tough food scum stuck to the bottom of utensils like Kadhai and Pressure Cooker which requires rigorous scrubbing that is frustrating and tiring. Not anymore! Now you can just soak your utensils in Nimeasy Dishwash Gel and its Enzyme technology gives a powerful Lift Off Action that eases removal of the layer of stuck on food particles, oil and heavy grease, from the surface of the utensils! Ab Safai Bina Ghisai. *basis lab study on sample foods