Engage's proposition of playful chemistry has been complemented with

the innovative packaging design that brings alive special couple moments engaging in a new language of love.

Number 2 in Deodorants

Engage Deos

Engage Rush & Blush
Engage Mate & Spell
Engage Urge & Tease
Engage Drizzle & Frost
Engage Trail & Jump
Engage O'Whiff & Intensity
Engage Tempt & Fuzz
Engage Abandon & Awe

Engage Cologne Sprays

Engage Cologne G1
Engage Cologne G2
Engage Cologne G3
Engage Cologne G4
Engage Cologne xx1
Engage Cologne xx2
Engage Cologne xx3
Engage Cologne xx4

In September 2014, the business launched Engage Cologne Sprays - a range of exquisite Colognes for men and women. Engage Cologne Sprays have higher fragrance dosage & 0% Gas - thereby enabling long lasting chemistry. Engage Cologne Sprays consists 8 exquisitely crafted fragrances - 4 for Men & 4 for Women.

Engage Perfume Spray

Engage M1 Perfume Spray
Engage M2 Perfume Spray
Engage M3 Perfume Spray
Engage M4 Perfume Spray
Engage W1 Perfume Spray
Engage W2 Perfume Spray
Engage W3 Perfume Spray
Engage W4 Perfume Spray

Engage has introduced a new range of perfume sprays for men & women. Crafted by international experts this range delivers strong and long lasting fragrances. This range has been launched in a clear transparent packaging.

Engage Sport

Engage Sport Fresh For Him
Engage Sport Cool For Him
Engage Sport Fresh For Her
Engage Sport Cool For Her

In 2017, Engage has introduced a new sub-range in the deodorant space called "Engage Sport". These deos have high fragrance concentration that delivers long lasting freshness when you need it the most.

Pocket Perfume

Engage ON+ Breezy Flip
Engage ON+ Forest Flip
Engage ON+ Musky Flip
Engage Classic Woody
Engage Cool Marine
Engage Citrus Fresh
Engage Cool Aqua
Engage Sweet Blossom
Engage Floral Fresh

Engage revolutionises the perfume segment with the launch of Engage ON, a range of Pocket Perfumes. Engage ON has introduced six fragrances for men and women.

Engage ON+ Premium Perfume

Eau de Imperial and Eau de Argentia

Engage ON+ premium perfumes are the new fashion accessory for the unexpected romantic moments of your life.

Engage Eau de Parfum

Engage Yin
Engage Homme
Engage Yang
Engage Femme

Intense Premium Perfumes from the house of Engage.