Fabelle chocolates are ITC's premier offering in the luxury chocolate space.

Made from cocoas sourced from the most exotic cocoa growing regions of the world and combined with unique ingredients, Fabelle offers an immersive and participative chocolate experience.

Redefining the way

India indulges in Chocolates


Fabelle boxed chocolate range


Fabelle Elements
Fabelle As You Like It
Single Origin Cacaos
Ruby Gianduja
Dessert Collection

Luxury Chocolate Bars - Chocolates Reimagined

Strawberry Cheesecake
Rocky Road
Hazelnut Mousse
Dark Choco Mousse
Choco Mousse with Nuts and Berries

Fabelle has redefined the way chocolate bars should taste, look and feel. Discover an exotic range of luxury chocolate bars that give you an indulgent experience inspired by rich desserts and elements of nature. These luxury chocolate bars recreate the experience of your favorite desserts like hazelnut mousse, dark choco mousse, rocky road, tiramisu and strawberry cheese cake with premium hand-picked ingredients along with rich, creamy chocolate that make these a truly multi sensorial delight.


Premium Chocolate Bars - Little pieces of magic

Soft Centres Choco Mousse
Soft Centres Almond Mousse
Choco Deck Milk Chocolate
Choco Deck Fruit & Nut

Fabelle Soft Centres: Discover a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate experience with rich milk chocolate shells filled with creamy mousse in the centre that flows with every bite

Fabelle Choco Deck: Indulge in a unique multi-layered chocolate experience with a layer of rich chocolate cradled between two layers of inddulgent milk chocolate


Gift Bouquets


Our specially packaged bouquets contain exquisite chocolate boxes filled with special selections comprising handcrafted pralines, Single Origin Cacaos, Hazelnut Giandujas as well as Fondue sets in beautiful baskets, perfect for special occasions and festivals.