Dermafique brings to you an intelligent skincare system, developed in partnership with dermatologists and cellular biologists.

Our Smart New Derma Routine offers a tailored step-by-step system to perfectly balance your individual skin needs and deliver beautiful, zen-like skin.



Experience our Smart New Derma routine with our three-step skin care system of cleansing, toning and hydrating. Make sure you cleanse your skin while maintaining its pH balance, tone it to shrink pores and finally, hydrate to keep your skin supple and nourished.


pH Restore [Cleansing Mousse]
AquaQuench [Cleansing Mousse]
Acne Avert [Cleansing Mousse]
Micellar Water [Cleansing Mousse]
Perfect pH [Facial Cleanser]
Vitality Flash [Facial Cleanser]
Absolute Detox [Facial Cleanser]

Our cleansers are mild but do some heavy lifting to get rid of a day's worth of impurities without disturbing the natural health of your skin. Cleansing is the unmissable step for healthy skin. Our cleansers are designed to preserve and help maintain the skin mantle.


All Important [Skin Toner]

Your skin care routine is incomplete without the efficacy of a toner. You may have cleansed your skin thoroughly but only the power of a toner can cleanse and purify your skin, maintain its pH balance and keep it moisturised. Make sure you embrace this step by reaching out for our alcohol-free All Important [Skin Toner].


Advanced Hydration
Advanced Repair
Aqua Cloud

Lend your skin a boost of hydration and restore your skin's natural bounce with our hydrators. Our revitalising day cream battles oxidative damage to restore your skin back to its luminous best. It contains 10x@ Vitamin E that keeps the skin plump and nourished. Our wondrous night cream is infused with 5x Ceramide synthesis boost* that prevents collagen breakdown and restores the skin's youthfulness. @as compared to placebo

*Refers to action of Niacinamide on skin cells in an in vitro study


Age Defying [Serum]
Age Defying [BB]
Age Defying [Nuit]

With the introduction of Stem Cell Technology in India with PhytoCellTecTM in collaboration with Swiss major in Biotechnology, our anti-ageing elixirs work towards reversing skin ageing by helping restore the skin's resilience and regeneration power.


Night Replenish [Body Serum]
Intensive Restore [Body Serum]
Aqua Surge [Body Serum]
Oleo Restore [Hand Serum]

You might pay special attention to your facial skin but your body could need just as much hydration. Give it the benefits of 10x Vitamin E@-one of the most potent ingredients for the skin. Make sure you give your body the goodness of our body serum even during the summers. This moisture boost is imperative for your skin even at night to achieve revitalised skin upon awakening. @as compared to placebo.


Skin Tone Perfector

Our revolutionary Intensive VitaPro Complex corrects skin photodamage and evens out skin tone at the same time.