Candyman range of mouth-watering candies and toffees are available in a wide variety of formats and flavours that delight consumers of all ages.

New Launches

  • Fantastik Choco Bar XL


Candyman Fantastik Chocobar XL Treats
Candyman Fantastik
Candyman Fantastik - Mini Treats
Candyman Fantastik - Choco Vanilla
Candyman Choco Double Eclairs
Candyman Tadka
Candyman Toffichoo
Candyman FruiteeFun - Orange Josh
Candyman FruiteeFun - Mango Delite
Candyman FruiteeFun - Wild Banana
Candyman FruiteeFun - Pineapple Punch
Candyman FruiteeFun - Mystery Flavour
Candyman Crème Lacto
Candyman Milky Eclairs
Candyman Eclairs
Candyman Cofitino