Classmate enables Joyful Learning, which is the most powerful driver for developing knowledge & skill, nurturing curiosity and enhancing creativity

The brand's three-film series emphasizes on the thought of 'Enjoy Learning' and portrays how academic knowledge goes beyond the classroom and gets rooted in everyday moments.

New Launches

  • Interaktiv 3D Craft Series
  • Pulse A5 Journals
  • Classmate UVO


Classmate notebooks consist of more than 300 variants including notebooks, long books, practical books, drawing books and reminder pads. ITC focused on the design elements of notebooks: each Classmate notebook has a theme on the cover and related information inside. ITC Classmate notebooks use Ozone-treated, Elemental Chlorine Free Paper which has lesser use of chemicals in bleaching stage. Ozone treatment of paper before bleaching process improves paper quality and shelf life.

Classmate Interaktiv Series

Enhance Creativity

Classmate Interaktiv series is an innovative range of notebooks from Classmate. It encourages students to learn through "Do It Yourself" activities, thus enhancing their creativity and imagination through experiential learning.

The first of the series of engagement based notebooks from Classmate Interaktiv series is the Origami notebooks. Classmate Origami notebooks will be exercise notebooks with additional origami sheets and will include detailed step by step instructions to create the origami model.

The second of the series of engagement based notebooks from Classmate Interaktiv series is the 3D Craft notebooks. Classmate Origami notebooks will be exercise notebooks with additional 4 color printed craft sheets to make 3D craft models with detailed step by step instructions.

Classmate Pulse

Learn With Style

Classmate Pulse is a trendy range of notebooks from Classmate for the uber-cool youth of today. Its vibrant, stylish and trendy covers with special effects make a statement, upping the style quotient of these notebooks!


Classmate's range of pens includes ball, gel & roller pens. Classmate pens deliver unmatched comfort and a neat writing experience. They are ergonomically designed and engineered to ensure a controlled ink flow for a smudge free writing experience. The textured rubber grips and low viscosity inks ensure that writing is comfortable and extremely smooth.

Mechanical Pencils

Classmate offers mechanical pencils and leads ideal for students and professionals which are designed for better accuracy and comfortable holding grip. Available in attractive body colours, the different variants include Fine Script (0.7mm & 0.9mm) and Da Vinci II (0.5mm & 0.7mm).

Geometry Boxes

Classmate geometry boxes come with die-casted metal instruments with a self-centring mechanism that gives you maximum precision and accuracy while you draw. The compasses in the geometry boxes have been designed with equidistant tips for unsurpassed accuracy. The boxes come with sturdy, transparent plastic instruments that are perfectly calibrated for greater accuracy. Each box also comes with a reference guide full of important math formulae. The variants available include: Classmate Victor, Classmate Invento, Classmate Invento - Disney Series, Classmate Archimedes and Classmate Asteroid.

Scholastics - Erasers, Sharpeners & Scales

Classmate also offers products like Erasers, Sharpeners & Scales. Classmate erasers are available in regular and jumbo sizes. The erasers are known to be non-toxic, phthalate-free, dust-free. Classmate sharpeners have a stainless steel blade with a sparkle-textured body and are available in 5 vibrant colours. Classmate Scales have clear, distinct and bold markings enabling precision,
the rounded edges make it safe and the design makes it easy to lift off.

Art Stationery

Classmate Colour Crew range of art materials, comes in a range of rich and vibrant colours, has been designed to cater to a child's learning needs-from developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, to colour recognition and much more. This portfolio ranges from Wax crayons, Plastic crayons, Oil pastels and Sketch pens.