Mangaldeep Devotional App

The Mangaldeep Devotional APP is a one stop for all your devotional needs. Learn pujas, chant mantras, listen to popular devotional songs, discover the archeological significance of famous temples, know stories behind these temples, prepare dishes for festivals in authentic style and more with the Mangaldeep Devotional App. Available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Nepali, the app has innovative features like the chant counter and panchang reminder. You can also buy Mangaldeep products, book pujaris and pilgrimages from the app.

The Mangaldeep Devotional App, your daily devotional companion.

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Myclassmate App

Myclassmate App is gamified learning app consisting of various cognitive and co-curricular skill development games for kids. Focused on logical, numerical & verbal concepts, these games are not only fun to play but also help kids to upskill themselves at an early age in order to stay ahead in life. The app has various features like unique storylines for each game, variety of avatars to choose from, global and game leaderboards to compete with peers.

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ITC Hotels App

The all new ITC Hotels App - Your One app for Food Delivery, Room & Table Reservations, Loyalty Benefits, Exclusive Offers and more. Order signature cuisines from the comfort of your home in 10 cities. Make reservations across 90+ hotels at our best rates. Request table reservation at 80+ restaurants. Exclusive app only limited time offers and more.

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ITC Papyra app

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