ITC Narmada - an ode to the Grandeur of Gujarat

July 24, 2022

ITC Narmada, the newest addition to the ITC Hotels collection, is located in Ahmedabad, a city noted for its mesmerising confluence of many histories and cultures. Ahmedabad's spectacular 16th-century Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is famed for its intricate and impeccable craftsmanship of stone carved window grills, representing complex geometrical designs as well as the renowned Tree of Life motif.

The centuries-old design, workmanship and the regional bright colour palette continue to inspire modern architects and designers, and ITC Narmada, too, pays tribute to this exquisite art form and local crafts, incorporating the signature stone lattice-work (jaalis) in its facade design and other spaces.

This is ITC's Hotels' special ode to the Grandeur of Gujarat. Take the tour now.

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