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The ITC Leadership


Flowing from the concept and principles of Corporate Governance adopted by the Company, leadership within ITC is exercised at three levels. The Board of Directors at the apex, as trustee of shareholders, carries the responsibility for strategic supervision of the Company. The strategic management of the Company rests with the Corporate Management Committee comprising the wholetime Directors and members drawn from senior management. The executive management of each business division is vested with the Divisional Management Committee (DMC), headed by the Chief Executive. Each DMC is responsible for and totally focused on the management of its assigned business. This three-tiered interlinked leadership process creates a wholesome balance between the need for focus and executive freedom, and the need for supervision and control.

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Committee »
  CSR and
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Nomination &
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  Corporate Management
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Divisional/ Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Management Committees, each headed by a divisional/ SBU Chief Executive »

Business includes: FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards, Specialty Papers & Packaging, Agri Business and Information Technology
    Corporate Functions, each headed by a HOD Corporate Functions include: Planning and Treasury, Accounting, Taxation, Risk Management, Legal, Secretarial, EHS, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Corporate Affairs, Internal Audit and Research & Development