Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence in Biosciences, Agri-sciences and Materials, and robust research platforms for Beauty & Hygiene, Heath & Wellness, Agro-forestry & Crop Sciences and Sustainable Packaging Materials continue to drive world-class innovation. Rigorous systems, processes and industry best practices have enabled securing global quality certifications - a key enabler in delivering products with the highest standards in quality, safety and efficacy to the Indian consumers.

In line with ITC's relentless focus on operational excellence and quality, each Business is mandated to continuously innovate on materials, training, processes and systems to enhance their quality competitiveness. Innovations are integral to the Business strategies and LSTC actively collaborates with the Businesses in this regard, making ITC a forerunner in introducing first-to-market innovative products for Indian consumers.

Securing Long-term Capabilities

LSTC is at the forefront of executing robust R&D strategies and plans that embed sustainability and digital transformation, in order to secure long-term competitiveness for each of ITC's businesses. LSTC harnesses contemporary advances in relevant core areas of science and technology to continuously translate 'proofs of concept' to novel product opportunities. R&D teams seamlessly integrate classical concepts of product development to explore and leverage cross-business synergies.

In its quest to be an innovation engine and to be future-ready, LSTC is developing and deploying bespoke tools and dashboards for quality performance analytics and competition benchmarking, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technological platforms to strengthen quality management systems (via product/process optimisation).

Going forward, ITC will continue to identify opportunities to create new value chains leveraging R&D insights emerging from contemporary sciences and ITC's diverse core competencies.