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ITC Research and Development


Innovation has always been integral to ITC's DNA, the foundation for the unique and differentiated value propositions that it has crafted over the years.

image of ITC R&D CentreSince I973, ITC R&D Centre in Bengaluru has played a crucial role in building this capability, creating products and solutions that sustain the Company's competitive advantage. Now rebranded as ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre, this new beginning highlights its integral part in keeping the Company future-ready and driving its game-changing businesses of the future. It also reflects the Centre's new mandate- to go beyond supporting and improving ITC's existing products and services and create innovations that not only meet but anticipate consumer needs.

ITC's ambitious agenda of sharpening its competitive edge in an enormously challenging marketplace demands better products that can positively impact consumers' lives, demands solutions that effectively deliver care and wellness to consumers, demands products and services that are world-class and a byword for excellence. It is here that the Centre will step in - endeavouring to develop path-breaking solutions that blend science, research and technology to enhance not just product experience but overall quality of life.

The challenging task of driving science-led product innovation has been carefully addressed by appropriately identifying the required set of core competency areas of science such as Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agronomy, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, Silviculture and several disciplines of Chemistry. Presently, the ITC Life Sciences and Technology team has evolved with over 250 world-class scientists and is creating Centres of Excellence in these areas. The Centre is carrying out research and securing proprietary technologies for the Company's businesses.

Agrisciences R&D

image of ITC's R&D programme at BhadrachalamThe Agrisciences R&D team continues evaluating and introducing several germplasm lines of identified crops including Casuarina and Eucalyptus to increase the genetic and trait diversities in these species, towards developing new varieties with higher yields, better quality and other relevant traits for ITC's businesses.

This high-end lab research is supported by field research at ITC's R&D Centre at Bhadrachalam which is at the core of the Company's fibre strategy for its Paperboards and Specialty Papers business. This state-of-the-art research centre is consistently striving to improve the productivity of several tree species, in order to give attractive land-use alternatives to traditional farmers and wasteland owners. So far, more than 100 high-yielding, fast-growing and disease resistant 'Bhadrachalam' clones have been produced on a commercial scale, including 23 site-specific clones adapted to problematic soils. The productivity of these saplings is 6-9 times that of normal seedlings.

ITC's comprehensive R&D facilities at Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh cover all aspects of tobacco crop cultivation. In collaboration with the Central Tobacco Research Institute and the Tobacco Board, ITC pioneered FCV tobacco cultivation in India and introduced the Burley and HDBRG varieties. ITC's continued focus on crop development has resulted in new varieties of seeds and hybrids in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, which have significantly improved farm yields and helped fulfill the demands of a dynamic global market.

Biosciences R&D

ITC LSTC Biosciences R&DITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre has created a Biosciences R&D team to design and develop several long-term research platforms evolving multi-generation product concepts and associated claims that are fully backed by scientific evidence for the Foods and Personal Care businesses. Recognising the unique construct of ITC in terms of its strong presence in agriculture, food and personal care businesses, a convergence of R&D capabilities is being leveraged to deliver future products aimed at nutrition, health and well-being.

In addition, ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre has evolved a strategy in building a new value chain called, 'Nutrition' with a special focus on 'Indianness' and 'health and well-being' founded on the basis of Value Added Agriculture (VAA). The initial activities related to VAA have already commenced with a focus on Soya.

Global Collaboration

ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre has also initiated several research collaborations with globally recognized Centres of Excellence to remain contemporary and fast track its journey towards demonstrating multiple 'proofs of concept'. These collaborations, covering identified species, are designed in a manner that enables ITC to gain fundamental insights into several technical aspects of plant breeding and genetics and the influence of agro-climatic conditions on the growth of these species. Such interventions will accelerate ITC's efforts in creating future generations of these crops with greater genetic and trait diversities and leading to significant benefits for the Company's businesses. Further, these outcomes have a strong potential to contribute towards augmenting the nation's ecological capital as well.

Master Design Facility

Master Design Facility, GurgaonCatering to the need of ITC's Lifestyle Business is a contemporary master Design Facility at Manesar, Gurgaon. It offers R&D facilities that have enabled the Company to offer internationally benchmarked fashion collection every season.

Relentless Commitment to Quality

Pursuing the Company's relentless commitment to quality, each business is mandated to continuously innovate on processes and systems to deliver superior competitive capabilities.

All manufacturing units of the Company have ISO quality certification. All manufacturing units of the Branded Packaged Foods businesses (including contract manufacturing units) and hotels have stringent food safety and quality systems. All Company owned units / hotels and almost all contract manufacturing units of the Branded Packaged Foods businesses are certified by an accredited 'third party' in accordance with 'Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points' (HACCP) methodology. Additionally, the quality of all FMCG products of your Company is regularly monitored through 'Product Quality Ratings Systems' (PQRS).