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Sustainability Report

  • 2023

    ITC Sustainability & Integrated Report 2023

  • 2022

    ITC Consolidated Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report

    Sustainability and Integrated Report 2022

    In line with our nearly two-decade long journey of transparently reporting on ITC's Triple Bottomline Performance, we are delighted to present the Executive Summary for ITC's Sustainability and Integrated Report 2022. This report presents a succinct overview of how ITC creates enduring value for its stakeholders including highlights of our bold and ambitious Sustainability 2.0 agenda, which reimagines sustainability under the pressing challenges of climate change and social inequity. This report also includes a summary of how ITC's Sustainability 2.0 ambitions and priorities are contributing to the achievement of United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

    The Executive Summary has been crafted to provide its reader a quick overview of ITC's Sustainability journey in FY2022, serving as a concise yet comprehensive companion to the detailed Sustainability and Integrated Report 2022.


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