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Rohini's Journey in ITC:

image of Rohini My journey from the academic life at IIM Indore to the professional one at ITC has been very exciting so far. I interned with the Personal Care team in the summer of 2013 following which I was awarded a PPO and I joined ITC's AUT program in July 2014.

The AUT program started with a 10 day induction program at the wonderful ITC Sonar (perks ftw!). The induction programme introduced me to various businesses, functions and the deep rooted Indian ethos of the organisation. The rigor of the training program which followed pushed me out of my comfort zone to experience the complexities and challenges of the sales function. My best memories from this stint are working across roles - from Salesman to Assistant Manager in the Telangana market right from rural areas of Metpally to Warangal and Hyderabad.

I am presently anchoring the role of an Assistant Brand Manager in the ITD division. Here I am constantly encouraged to go beyond my defined role and be part of several projects which contribute to the business at large. These opportunities have pushed my boundaries and helped me grow professionally at the speed of a T-20 match.

ITC as a Workplace:

ITC has a dynamic and inspiring work culture where every individual, no matter how young, is encouraged to voice their opinion. You have freedom to experiment with fresh ideas and fail fast-learn fast is practised beyond a corporate deck presentation. Interactions across functions and divisions is excellent and friendships formed help in building a holistic work environment.

ITC offers you:

The various businesses of ITC provide a plethora of opportunities for career growth. Be it learning best practices or improving systems and processes or building a business with an entrepreneurial spirit, ITC has it all. The excellent mentorship from the senior leadership and camaraderie among colleagues is truly wonderful.

Deepinka Agrawal

image of Deepinka AgrawalTransitioning from college lectures and assignments to "real life" and project deadlines can be a daunting challenge. I embarked on this journey a year ago. Wow, what a learning experience it has been!

Our corporate induction started at ITC Sonar, Kolkata where I found myself in the midst of a group of people who were trying to change the world and find success in the process

Our AUT training stint enabled us improve efficiency, instil positive attitudes as well as sustain and enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole. The training happened in many factories and I consider myself fortunate enough to be working with the best engineering minds. Our inputs, creativity and precision were expected on a broad range of projects so that we develop business and people skills - team work is an important part of our culture. I had the opportunity to present my views to key employees. Challenged by an experienced team at an early stage in my career gave me the opportunity to learn much faster, to handle pressure, to refine my ideas and to demonstrate enthusiasm for new challenges

I am now positioned at the Head Office, Kolkata as Asst. Manager, Operations. What is expected of me is a fresh insight on things, which is often appreciated. I have learnt to work hard and work smart!

ITC as a work place

ITC is fast paced, challenging, and a whole lot of fun - a place where I am growing not only professionally but intellectually, where my ideas are accepted and challenged as well. Our work culture recognizes and respects people with diverse perspectives and skillsets.It is an organisation which genuinely cares for employees and involves people in decisions that affect their jobs or work environment and we have a rocking party scene too!

ITC Offers You

I am attracted to ITC because of the ongoing challenges that this company offers as well as its expectation for high performance.The biggest thing I've learnt here is to always push your ideas further if you really believe in them... they could turn into reality!

Revathi Ramalingam

Revathi's journey in ITC:

image of Revathi RamalingamMy journey at ITC began with my internship stint at the Packaging & Printing division at Chennai. Stepping out of a classroom into a quintessentially brick and mortar manufacturing plant was a tremendous experience in itself. Every minute spent at ITC over the next few months served as a fantastic opportunity to learn as I got an overview of different HR processes while actively involving myself in various employee engagement initiatives.

After completing my MBA, I joined as an AUT in 2010 and was posted in PPB's Chennai factory. Whether being involved in the intricacies of a Long Term Agreement, handling key HR processes independently or rolling out a number of critical engagement initiatives, the past two years have been a challenging and highly fulfilling experience. Being mentored and guided by senior managers, working closely with employees in the factory and translating the B-school perspective into real life scenarios has helped me grow both professionally and personally. The magnitude of responsibility and the invigorating nature of a role of such meaning and gravity, early in my career, have given me a strong foundation.

Revathi's thoughts on ITC as a workplace:

Responsibility is a word that one would immediately associate with ITC. While the organization endows young managers with roles that make an actual difference, it expects them in return, to understand this and function in resonance with the demands of such a far reaching role. Each day is a new challenge - of thought, of action and of perspective. Each moment is an opportunity for innovation, sometimes tangible, sometimes intangible. There is no doubt that for any young manager wanting a dynamic, fast paced and challenging career, ITC checks all the boxes.

Revathi believes ITC offers you:

For a management professional looking to set out on a long career in the industry, the greatest reward is to be presented with an environment of opportunity and excitement. A day at work where even the most mundane of activities has the character of being far reaching in its implications. ITC drives you like no other, to push yourself to the limit every single moment of your working career. The independence of decision making is also backed by the support of a system - the freedom to make a call is never without the sounding board of support that one so often needs. ITC gives you the chance to walk out of office on an evening knowing that whatever you did today, made a difference.

Swati Arora

Swati's journey in ITC:

image of Swati AroraI joined ITC in June 2012 as an AUT in the HR function from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Having made it to my dream company, I looked forward to an enriching and exciting experience at ITC, and here I am a few months into the journey, living the excitement each day! The journey began with the Corporate Induction Programme in Kolkata. The induction programme provided us with an in-depth introduction to ITC, the organisation and its various businesses. It was a great experience learning about the organisation from the very stalwarts who played a pivotal role in building it and listening to them share stimulating stories about ITC's 100 year journey of transformation, the culture and values of the company. Another highlight was meeting young managers like ourselves in the best venue possible (ITC Sonar). The induction turned out to be one of the most inspiring preview into the world of ITC. My journey in ITC could not have started on a better note!

My first stint in ITC was with the Bangalore Cigarette factory. Two months of core operations induction helped me develop a deep appreciation of the true legacy of manufacturing excellence that ITC has built over a hundred years. After rigorous training and an even more grueling review, I moved on to a cross functional stint with ITC's Trade Marketing & Distribution vertical at its Kolkata Branch. Nothing could prepare me for the exhilarating experience that lay ahead. Be it accompanying the salesmen on their daily beat and selling ITC products across a plethora of portfolios, learning the nuances of sales & distribution, performance management systems etc. The stint provided me with a whole new perspective to the organisation and the learning was immense. I then had an HR stint at ITC's Saharanpur factory, where I am posted currently. From studying Industrial Relations in college to actually practicing it each day, challenges of engaging the workforce, working on diverse projects, learning the various HR systems and processes, my current role has given me the best possible learning that I could have asked for as an HR professional, in a short span of four months.

I was also appointed as the Campus Ambassador for TISS which not only gave me insights into the campus recruitment process but also provided me with opportunities to connect with aspiring candidates, liaise with my campus and share my experiences with my organisation as well as my alma mater.

Swati's thoughts on ITC as a Workplace:

ITC is a place where leaders are built and one will witness this while interacting with many senior managers who started their careers with ITC. Here, new ideas are not only welcome but are expected from young managers. As a company, ITC has created a balance between short term goals and results whilst focusing on long term sustainability, thus setting high expectations for everyone who works here.

Swati believes ITC offers you:

A variety of projects, exposure to various businesses, abundance of knowledge & wisdom and great time with colleagues - ITC is a place where you constantly learn, stay excited to deliver and build relationships for a life time. As an HR professional, ITC offers you challenges across diverse business contexts, helping you continuously hone your skills and to develop as a true professional.

Arun Sriram

Arun's journey in ITC:

image of Arun SriramAfter completing my MBA I joined ITC In 2008. As part of training I was positioned in Lucknow branch covering U.P which turned out to be one of the most extensive learning experiences of my life. The transformation from a 'Lifetime in a metro' to the rural hinterlands can be overwhelming while at the same time providing a brilliant opportunity to broaden your perspective. The primary intention of the training programme held as far as possible from your hometown (in most cases) is to ensure that you get out of your comfort zone and utilise the opportunity to be at ease with different people, cultures and geographies.

ITC's training programme is one of the most structured in the industry with exposure to various roles across the Trade Marketing and Distribution vertical. Every ITC'ian trained in TM&D would fondly recall the cycle stint performing the role of the salesman, which teaches more about sales management than any MBA lecture could possibly do. The entire stint with theoretical as well as hands-on activities is a bang on in terms of getting you work-ready. Moreover ITC offers enormous freedom to experiment and learn by action which was clearly evident throughout my training period.

ITC believes in providing its managers with responsibilities early and accordingly I was posted in U.P. The opportunity to handle a large territory like U.P coupled with the chance to lead a team spread across the state is something I relished. With the backing of a strong team and support of able superiors, driving business in U.P was a comfortable task. From a hardcore sales stint leading a team, I am currently handling Channel Development for Grocery directly reporting to the Senior Management and also actively involved in devising the strategy for Trade Marketing and Distribution. Such opportunities to handle diverse profiles from managing a team to handling national projects, are possible only at ITC. Considering the wealth of experience I have already gathered in a short span of time I am eagerly awaiting the time ahead in ITC

Arun's thoughts on ITC as a Workplace:

An extremely positive culture in terms of supporting new ideas and initiatives, with a strong sense of ownership and accountability instilled across the team. While work is extremely fulfilling the people around make you feel at home. Working with some of the brightest minds the opportunity to observe and learn is enormous. Early on in my career the opportunity to work closely with Senior Management has furthered the cause. ITC helps you make friends that you would cherish for life and that I believe is a great attribute of this organisation.

Arun believes ITC offers you:

100 years of legacy, phenomenal growth plans, newer challenges, exposure across roles and functions across various businesses, with an extremely positive work environment is what ITC has to offer. With the remarkable reputation of being one of the most preferred employers in the country, ITC would be an ideal place to fortify your career. With the fast pace of change, ITC is best suited for the individual who has the drive & passion to learn quickly to take on new challenges and be part of a incredible story of a remarkably successful Indian FMCG Company.

Syed Wasi Mohammad Rizvi

Syed Wasi's journey in ITC:

image of Syed Wasi Mohammad RizviI am a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from IIT Roorkee, after which I did my PGDM from IIM Indore. My journey in the corporate world started in 2008 when I joined ITC as a Marketing AUT in Jaipur branch. The programme started with an induction programme in ITC Sonar where we were briefed about the various businesses of ITC and the different verticals of ITD. We also got an opportunity to meet the various Business Heads who shared their experience and learning in ITC.

A rigorous training programme in Jaipur branch followed the Induction programme where I learnt about Trade Marketing and Distribution concepts and their importance in delivering superior channel and trade relations. The programme provided cross channel exposure and also comprehensive learnings, as you start from salesman level and move up, learning the importance and intricacies of each level.

On completion of my training I joined the Supply Chain team at Head Office primarily looking after Foods and Personal Care Products' distribution. The role provided me exposure to the areas of demand planning and supply planning handling the increased complexities of the rapidly growing Foods business. With continuous engagement with businesses, logistics, marketing branches and IT, the role provided a great learning opportunity and an overall picture of the distribution network as we were looking at the All India Supply Chain.

From Supply Chain I will now be moving to the Lucknow Marketing Branch as Asst Manager of the convenience channel.

Syed Wasi's thoughts on ITC as a Workplace:

ITC lays emphasis on working independently. Mistakes are never looked down upon, as the Company believes that one learns from mistakes. This helps the employee grow as an individual and enables him to take up large responsibilities, as there are always people to guide you and share their experience. The workplace is a great mix of warm people and challenging tasks an amalgam that keeps you charged up and motivated to achieve results. ITC's emphasis on systems and processes reflects the Company's credo of not only doing the right things but also doing them the right way.

Syed Wasi believes ITC offers you:

ITC is one of the most admired and rapidly growing companies of India and with diversification into newer businesses and rapid growth of existing businesses the Company offers you cross-functional and cross business exposure. During my three years stint in ITC I have already worked in the areas of Supply Chain and Trade Marketing and the experience has been really satisfying. The Company places great importance on training employees and focuses on constantly improving the skill set of the individual.

With multiple exposure and challenging tasks, the Company truly provides you an environment that is conducive to the utilisation of your true potential.