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Creative Visual for ITC's Internship program - KITES

KITES - Summer Internship Programme


Knowledge, Initiative & Talent Excellence Series is ITC's Summer Internship Programme designed to provide tomorrow's leaders a unique platform to learn, experience and manage real business situations.

Indeed KITES is a one of its kind programme! Students are given the opportunity to experience the rigours of actual work/business scenarios, apply their theoretical learnings 'on the job' and gain precious insights into management, leadership and everyday challenges. In fact, KITES works both ways - while you get to intern with any of ITC's businesses and understand the core process of value-creation, we get re-energised by the host of new ideas, fresh perspectives and compelling observations that you bring to the table!

Internships are offered for a period of 8 weeks, during the months of April, May and June each year. KITES is an extremely important platform that enables us identify exceptional talent from the best of institutions in India, who have the potential to become the next generation of leaders at ITC. Interns are awarded Pre Placement Offers of Employment based on their performance during the internship.


For KITES ITC selects interns from premier management campuses across the country. We offer projects in the following fields:

  1. Marketing
  2. Human Resources
  3. Supply Chain/Operations
  4. Agri Business
  5. Environment, Health and Safety

Projects are carefully selected to offer interns an experience of real life business problems/situations that foster enhanced appreciation of business complexities besides providing a detailed insight into their chosen functional domain.

The two-month internship comes with tremendous opportunities to 'learn' and to 'make things happen' to create a real and everlasting impact.

Mind Over Matter

As a precursor to the KITES internship, a day-long orientation programme called 'Mind Over Matter' is organised for the management interns. The programme aims at providing interns with a better understanding of ITC, how best to approach the internship and an opportunity to meet with ITC's leadership. The programme focuses on how summer internships can be made more meaningful both for the student and the organisation.


For KITES, ITC recruits interns from premier technical campuses across the country. We offer projects in the following fields:

  1. Production
  2. Engineering
  3. Process Excellence/Six Sigma Projects
  4. Product Development

Internship projects pertain to the core engineering fields - Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical. At times based on specific requirements other specialisations are also included.

The projects are carefully chosen to offer interns real life business problems that enable a better appreciation of business complexities whilst also providing them depth of knowledge in the functional domain they choose to work in.

Mind over Matter

As a precursor to the internship, a two-day orientation programme called 'Mind Over Matter' is organised for the technical interns. This programme is intended to provide insights that enable the interns apply their academic learning more effectively to real life work challenges. The programme also aims at enhancing their interpersonal skills for greater interpersonal effectiveness and to strengthen their diagnostic and problem solving skills. In the ultimate analysis this programme focuses on how summer internships can be made more meaningful both for the student and the organisation.

Selection Process

There are four stages to selection of interns under KITES:

Step I: Application Screening

Interested students from premier campuses are invited to apply online. An ideal candidate aspiring for an internship opportunity must possess the right mix of academic achievements and co-curricular excellence. We look for students who are able to think creatively, work in teams, convert adversity into opportunities and lead through ambiguous situations. Candidates must have demonstrated leadership across various spheres of student life. As our operations are spread across cities and rural settings, we prefer candidates who are open to the idea of working in locations which could be remote and culturally distinct from their own.

Step II : Online Assessment

The students shortlisted through the application screening are invited to participate in an online assessment. The assessment is non-technical and non-aptitude in nature.

Step III: Group Activity:

Candidates shortlisted through the online assessment are invited to participate in a group activity. This activity provides us insights into the candidate's ability to lead, influence, communicate and work as a member of a team to achieve the desired results, all essential for a successful manager and emerging leader.

Step IV: Personal Interaction

Candidates selected through the group activity are invited to a personal interaction with some of ITC's senior managers. This provides us the opportunity to understand the candidate's depth of functional knowledge, general awareness and the overall fit with our core values, besides gaining a better understanding of the candidate's background and attributes like leadership, teamwork and the ability to succeed.

Each step presents us a unique opportunity to get to know you better, and we look forward to seeing you in your campus !!

Campus Ambassador

A Campus Ambassador is an alumnus from your institute who acts as your connect with ITC, as we say the one point contact. Any questions relating to ITC right from the company structure, operations, brands, products, to organising guest lectures, information about placement process to knowing what it is like once you join ITC, you are free to contact your Campus Ambassador.

The Campus Ambassadors are:

Management Campuses:

S. No. Campus Name Email ITC
1 FMS-D Rishabh Khandelwal rishabh.khandelwal@itc.in
2 IIFT-D Jasleen Dalal jasleen.dalal@itc.in
3 IIM-A Shreya Singh shreya.singh@itc.in
4 IIM-B Gaurav Prasad gaurav.prasad@itc.in
5 IIM-C Saurabh Kabra saurabh.kabra@itc.in
6 IIM-I Nehanjali Srinivasan nehanjali.nehanjali@itc.in
7 IIM-K Himanshu Garg himanshu.garg@itc.in
8 IIM-L Pragya Sancheti pragya.sancheti@itc.in
9 MDI-G Mayank Vimal mayank.vimal@itc.in
10 NITIE-M Puneet Sharma puneet.sharma@itc.in
11 NMIMS-M Yashowardhan Dandriyal yashowardhan.dandriyal@itc.in
12 SCMHRD-P M Akhil m.akhil@itc.in
13 SIBM -P Venkat Rallapalli pradyumna.venkat@itc.in
14 SPJIMR-M Pooja Pawar pooja.pawar@itc.in
15 TISS-M Shweta Kumari shweta.kumari@itc.in
16 XLRI-J Jagruti Vojjala jagruti.vojjala@itc.in

Technology Campuses:

S. No. Campus Name Email ITC
1 IIT-B Utkarsh Singhal utkarsh.singhai@itc.in
2 IIT-D Suyash Agarwal suyash.agarwal@itc.in
3 IIT-G Nilesh Raj nilesh.raj@itc.in
4 IIT-GN Manjot Singh manjot.singh@itc.in
5 IIT-K Bhanu Chaturvedi bhanu.chaturvedi@itc.in
6 IIT-KGP Surepeddi Sarvagna Sai Anjan surepeddi.anjan@itc.in
7 IIT-M Hemanth Penmetsa hemanth.penmetsa@itc.in
8 IIT-R Kartik Hajela kartik.hajela@itc.in
9 NIT-T Jaligam Neeraj Kumar jaligam.kumar@itc.in
10 NIT-W Shobhika Pathak shobhika.pathak@itc.in

Interns Speak

We look for...

We do not believe in stereotypes. We believe diversity is essential for building a wholesome work environment. But there are certain basic attributes we look for:

  • Integrity
  • Intellectual rigour
  • A 'will do' attitude
  • Team skills
  • Ability to think strategically
  • High energy
  • Creativity
  • Leadership